So a short time ago I decided to stir up a mixture for my hair. I so wanted to share it with you all immediately, but I just had to ensure good results.


And yes, I got excellent results!!

Things I used:

Coconut Oil (aka my staple)


Olive Oil(I just used whatever was around)




Shea Moisture Conditioner(which I used the first time)


Cantu Leave-In(which I used the second time)


The first time mixture smelled so great, smelled just like candy which I loved. I used it as an overnight prepoo and the results were amazing!! My hair smelled good and it was extremely soft. The mixtures was also thick.

With the second time mixture I just used it as a quick prepoo. I put on my heating cap for about an hour and washed. It didn’t smell as good as the first mixture, and my hair was not as soft as it was with the overnight regimen. Though the mixture was a lot smoother than the first time mixture.


You too can mix your own prepoo!
Try it out with your own household kitchen items lying around. Be sure to share your results. I would love to hear about them all.

Until next time….