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It’s a Celebration,Goddess Crew!!

Today March 16, makes one year since I have been natural. My how time flies!! I really don’t know where the time went. I constantly look back at old flicks of my BC and still can’t believe that I actually did it. I also see how much my hair has grown and how fast. YES, black girls can grow long hair!! lol Even though it’s still only a couple inches.

As well today marks the beginning of something great. I have been sharing a few of the details with you and now it’s finally here!! It’s officially the launch day of my site; I am proud to say that we have branched out and I love it. Look around and enjoy the view Goddess Crew. You all have made this possible for me to share this, my baby with you all. She has grown into much more than I have ever dreamed of. Hope that I can continue to inspire you all and be inspired by you all.

You know I couldn’t celebrate all this without throwing in some goodies right!! HaH Well guess what you can win some lovely goodies for being such amazing Goddess’. Thank you for your continued support, love and strength. We have taken the journey together and will continue to grow.

To Enter: Log on to, for details!!

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Style Me Up

Now that my hair is getting longer, and the wash & go thing was not happening, I have been experimenting with different  protective styles. I pretty much wanted to protect my hair from the wind and that good ole hand in hair syndrome. To style gel was applied, as the hair was french braided up, followed by a twist swoop to the right side. To finish up and to keep the hair in place I used an old rhinestone clip. By the way, I was feeling like a big time Rasta with them twists. I would totally do some twists again, I love the locs feel it gives me.

Love your Kinks,


Something like a Phenomena


Folks over at Black Cotton Apparel got in contact with me to review one of the amazing “Natural” tees. Lucky for me I was drawn to the amazing “Natural Phenomena” tee. I wanted to choose a shirt that would be both uplifting for me and those that saw me in the tee. Once I came across the description behind the tee, I knew i just had to have it. The description posted with the shirt read:

When you walk down the street, you cant help but to turn heads.  Like a force of nature, you cannot be denied.  Black Cotton Apparel celebrates the natural phenomena that is you.


It was so me! Recently, I have been filled with smiles even when things may not feel all rosey. I have learned to accept people and things as they are. You cannot change anyone but yourself. I know it sounds very cliche but, it is true you have to change yourself if you want change. Well, let me get back to the tee! I put it on and my day felt brighter and I was many more smiles. It was midweek and I was happy to be alive and well. I was feeling exactly what the tee read, hence why the song kept playing in my head; “something like a phenomena, something like a phenomena”.

I say all of this to encourage you to be a phenomena, natural or not! Love who you are, where you will go and where you have come from. It is all a journey, whether we accept it or not one day you will have to. Appreciate all of your journey, good or bad, you where created for this.


As well stop by Black Cotton Apparel; check out the tees get motivated. I know I did, shit I was feeling like like the phenomena I am Natural Crown and all. (*Excuse my poor quality front facing camera pic.)

& Guess What….You get 15% for being apart of my lovely Crew!! Use coupon code : NAT213. Get to it, you don’t want to miss out on something so phenomenal!!

Love yourself,



Why I stopped my hair subscriptions!!

I had just did my Big Chop and I was fresh out the chair. I had to go back 7 years to remember the tricks of the trade, many of which were most likely wrong for my hair anyways; I couldn’t go back to using the “Indian Hemp” hair grease, or using that blow drying every week. How in the hell was I supposed to re-learn my beautiful kinks. What the hell was I supposed to use? I can’t use the “Perfect for perm” or the products that have loads of crap that was destroying my hair.

To my surprise, no there wasn’t an app for that, but there was a subscription for that. HEY BOO!! LOL. I was a couple months behind until I found out about the whole subscription movement, but I knew I had to get on. I just had to get on that V.I.P list. Me and my hurr were VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE!!

Sitting in front my computer I was able to make the first purchase to every product junkie’s dream. I now was en route to figuring out the new products I would have, to learn to use on my new hair. I was in HEAVEN! I mean who wouldn’t want to sit in the comfort of their home while products came right to you for just $20 a month. That’s less than a wash, set and blow out every 2 weeks! I saw no harm in my new found love.

I started out as one of the many naturals who wanted all natural products. With a subbie box that had different products, I kind of pushed that thought to the side. Then the numbers started to add up, and the products they became so so. I began to feel as if I needed rehab for my product addiction, literally products everywhere. I had to put a stop to it! So this December I treated myself to a kit and a box, just for the fun of it. I was hoping there were going to be some extra dope products and extras, but I mean it was just what I paid for. After, treating myself I called it quits. A new year was approaching and I couldn’t waste anymore money on products that half of the time I wasn’t using anyways. I guess, I can now say I am a product junkie on the road to recovery.


Did you stop any of your subscriptions?

Do you miss getting products every month?

Love your Kinks,



I’m sure you probably read my review on the Mahogany Princess Hair Butter. Well I was lucky enough to get you all some goodies from Mahagony Queen!!!

Yay us!!!

Enjoy this discount code!!!


Love your Kinks,

Tressumé Little’s: Denver

Name: Denver

Me and Nana

As a mom or dad to a/or natural little(s), what do you think is your duty to teach them

about their hair?   That they should be who they are regardless of how they wear their

hair or regardless of how society feels about what’s acceptable or non acceptable.IMG_20120415_171526

What’s on the inner is far more precious than what’s on the outer, yet it’s beautiful to

express “yourself” on the inner and the outer.


If your child (ren) ever wanted to get a relaxer, would you allow them to? Why or why


The thought has not even crossed my mind. I’ve had my hair relaxed from childhood up

until about 11 months ago. My mother decided that a relaxer made it easier for her to

handle my hair. After  abstaining from relaxing my hair I’ve learned how to maintain my

hair  without it.  I will teach my child how to do the same. If they get older and request a

relaxer I may allow it and maintain their relaxer myself just as I did for myself from the

age of 18-26. Being that our hair textures are the same they would only need a

relaxer about every 4 months so it would be limited to 2 relaxers a year.

How would you help them learn to appreciate the beauty of their natural hair?

I would do as I do now. I would forever tell my children and anyone else to embrace the

way that every part of you happens to be in it’s natural state, but if something really

bothers you then you should address it according to what will make “you” happy.


How old is/are your little(s)?

Denver is 5. (And I also have a 9 year old daughter and a 2 year old son).

How do they feel about their natural hair?

There’s a natural love for  their natural hair, and I try to do different things with it toIMG_20121202_202952

keep it that way. It can be overwhelming sometimes though. I cut my son’s hair  to have

one less head to braid.


Do you feel that you have impacted their beliefs about their hair? And why?

My daughters think that my hair is beautiful and have told me so on many occasions. If

they think that my hair is beautiful and their texture is very similar to mine then they’ll

think the same of their own hair as well. My baby girl smiles every time I finish combing

her hair, looks in the mirror and says, “My hair is beautiful”. I used to feel like, “The

straighter the better”, but I’ve been embracing the natural waves and curls and I love it!


What products do you typically use on their hair?

I pretty much make my own products, but to name some things I’ll say, grease, (Of

course!), shampoo with olive oil in it,  conditioner,  a blend of oils, ( Olive oil, Jojoba

Oil, etc.), pomade for edge control, hair pudding, sometimes a little spritz, and leave in

conditioner  or detangler. We have really thick hair and these products help me with

combing thru my daughter’s hair while eliminating  the tears.


What is their favorite way to wear their natural hair?

Right now it’s french braids with beads. Sometimes I press it out which stretches the

braids out longer. My son wears a cut that’s not so low so that you can still see theNanasHair

natural curl in his hair. Before cutting his hair I would either braid it to the back or put

pudding in his hair and curl strands of his hair around my finger. As it got thicker I

would use the pudding while braiding separate braids then take the braids loose and

let him wear the little curls all over his head. But there’s SO many cute ways to do your little’s natural hair.


How do you usually manage your little’s hair?

I like to rotate on a schedule for hair washing times. I don’t like having to wash more

than one head in the same week but sometimes I’m forced to. I have to do a spot wash

on my 2 year old son’s hair as he gets any food that he eats in his hair! I also like to do

multiple ponytails with 3strand braids sometimes. It’ll usually last 2-3 days if wrapped

at night.


What tips would you give to a mom or dad who needs help dealing with their little’s

natural hair?

I would say that it’s important to learn your little one’s hair  well. Learn what works

best in their hair. Test out different oils, butters, conditioners, etc. and find the best

natural mixture before jumping to put strong chemicals in your child’s hair. French

braids with beads is also a cute option that can take combing hair off of your hands

for at least 2 weeks. My mother took me to the salon at 10 to start getting relaxers in

my hair. It began to thin my hair out and my mother had to strip it out of my hair  andIMG_20120821_184955

treat it so that it could get it’s strength and length back. So there’s always a risk when

dealing with harsh chemicals. Especially on the little ones.



We live in a world that focuses on the outer yet does not always embrace the outer in

it’s natural form and beauty. Kinky hair may take more time to manage but it is

beautiful if managed correctly. We were conditioned to think that other hair textures

from other races are what’s beautiful and in return rejected our natural beauty. Many

will describe our natural beauty as “Ugly”, “Nappy”, etc. which causes many of our

women of color to feel uncomfortable with their natural beauty. I don’t knock anyone

for  relaxing their hair and hate the hate that has grown between the “All-Natural”

women and the “Creamy Crack” using women. I’ve seen full arguments online about it.

I just wish for everyone to learn their hair, except who they are naturally, be

comfortable in their own skin regardless of how their hair texture may be, and to stop

judging others with such shallow perspectives.

Thank you for considering me and my little one’s “Tresume`”. – Queesha

Mahogany Princess Hair Butter

I received a package from the lovely Ashley of Mahogany Queen and it contained her  “Mahogany Princess Hair Butter“.  I was pretty excited by the name of the product, as it sounds so royal. I mean my hair desires all royal treatment, so why not.


The Mahogany Princess Hair Butter was created for young girls with natural hair. As a believer in self-love, it’s important for me to show women and young girls how to love and care for their natural tresses naturally. This butter is great for twists, sets, puffs and overall moisture and sheen. With its fruity fragrance, your princess will immediately fall in love with it.


Let me just say the smell was the first thing that drew me in. I am a lover of a good scent and the Mahogany Princess Hair Butter is one to savor. It smells of a fruity and very sweet blend; one of those smells you want to lick right up. Yummy! Well, you pretty much can with all its natural goodness, though I wouldn’t advise it. That brings me to the ingredients, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado butter, Sunflower Oil, and Olive Oil. Tell me that ain’t a super yummy combo.

I used the Mahogany Princess Hair Butter on freshly washed hair to seal in moisture and stretch my hair. I applied it to all of my hair and simply pulled it back to straighten the hair. YES, I got length y’all! Once, my hair was about 85% dry I put huge twists in my hair and went to bed. The next day my hair was moisturized and feeling soft to the touch. I only wished it gave my hair some shine. I guess my hair doesn’t love butters, for shine at least. I had no idea what style I was going for but had this urge to stretch my hair, and started combing out my twists. Some of my hair was not trying to cooperate, so I applied some more Mahogany Princess Hair Butter to my hair and wallah. It was pretty much a breeze detangling the hair, and best believe I was super happy about that. Check out the results of my lovely heat free fro below:


Yes, le fro is growing!!

Have you tried out any Mahogany Queen products?

What were your results?

Be sure to stop by to get your Mahogany Princess Hair Butter and other goodies. You and your hair deserve it!

Love your Kinks,


Vote Natural Hair

A fellow natural needs our help to become a model for a makeup brand some of us love. Please take the time out to vote for her. We can always use more natural gals in the world looking fly; so why not!!


To vote all you have to do is click the link:

Check out her bio and pics and be sure to share the love!! PS You can vote daily!!


Love your Kinks,


Curlformers Results!!


For the holidays I wanted something different, then it dawned on me that I had Curlformers (which are the long and narrow ones, if your wondering) tucked somewhere in my product junkie stash. LOL. I washed my hair and asked my mom to help me out with the process. At first installing the Curlformers was pretty hurtful. Being that I barely do much to my hair, my head felt extra tender. Once we got the hang of installing the Curlformers, the pain wasn’t so bad.

I was a little disappointed that a baseball sized of hair was still left out once we ran out of Curlformers. Maybe my head is too big LOL, or maybe we needed more hair in each Curlformer. Not sure which one but I will have to test that out on my next run. Being this, I had to dry the back half of my hair. Once it was dried I applied them to the front and dried. I really had no intentions of going to sleep with those things in my head. I like my sleep very well.

When my hair was all dry, the Curlformers were taken out. To my surprise some of the curls had frizzed up. So my mom thought it would be a good idea to redo the ones that were bushy.
It was back under the dryer for a bit and the finished products was this:

The product that helped me achieved the look was my Jane Carter styling mousse.


It came out pretty good I must say. My hair was now long enough to sport some drop curls. Go Me! Go Me!

Received these from Curlformers a while back when I first did my Big Chop and as you could probably think, I was not able to rock them bad boys until I gained a little length. Then 7 months natural I had me some long hair don’t care and some popping curls.

Now, let me tell you about when I actually wore them babies out. It was no where near what it had looked like once I first removed the Curlformers. I slept on them for two days and they looked like a hot mess!! LOL. Thankfully, I knew how to make them work for me. I just separated them bad boys and teased my hair up a bit and had me a curly bush. I liked it, although I preferred the initial take down results.

For my next try at applying my Curlformers, I plan to try a different setting lotion or holding creme and use bigger sections of hair in each Curlformer. As well I just might, sleep with them in. Lord, I can just imagine all the pain. Well, beauty is pain right? HAHA

Have you tried Curlformers?

How were your results?

Love your Kinks,


Them dang knots!!

We all have the problem but we keep on rocking that good ole wash n’ go or fro. I mean I can’t give that up it’s just so fly to rock those curls all big; then comes those dang single strand knots. I admit I sometimes consciously and unconsciously just snag them right away, even though I am probably damaging my hair 10x worst but its such a bad habit. I’m working on it though.

I think the biggest thing that contributes to single strand knots is our tendency to suffer from “hand in hair” syndrome. We all love our little coils, curls, kinks and can never get enough. I fall victim to it every time. I was super excited when I recently came across this video and had to share it with you all. YES!!!


Love your Kinks,