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First Wash & Go

I finally did my first wash and go. I was loving it. If you read my post prior about the launch party then you know about the goodies. Thanks to that event, I added more great products to my stash. I admit, I finally feel like a product junkie in the beginning stages. YIKES!!!

Sharing what I won with a fellow naturalists Imani, she commented about how good she had heard JessiCurls works well for my hair texture. I took that information into consideration and my first product test was with JessiCurls.

I washed my hair with the hair cleansing cream, conditioned with the Too Shea extra moisturizing conditioner, and deep conditioned with the deep conditioning treatment. Following that application I sat under the dryer for about 30 mins and rinsed out. My curls were looking and feeling fresh and soft.


I applied the JessiCurl styling product confident coils styling solution as well as the Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In. Following the application of these products, I tried my best to section my Tinnie Weenie Afro. Applying about a quarter sized amount of Eco styler gel to each of those sections and brushing through to ensure it was evenly distributed. Once all of my hair was define I sat under my dryer for a quick 20 minutes. I was then left with some amazingly defined curls.

Not bad at all, though I did have some adjustments for the next wash and go. I found that I applied a lot or no gel to some parts. Leaving me with a mismatch of really hard curls or undefined curls. Seeing this to prep my hair the next day I applied some more KBB Sweet Ambrosia leaving to my hands and brushed over my hair. This helped loosen some of the hard curls and blending the soft ones.

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KinkyCurlyCoilyMe Launch Party

Lucky for me I had the opportunity to attend a website launch party for the amazing Jenell over at The event took place at a wonderful lounge in Manhattan, called Stitch.

The experience was definitely a good one; wonderful food,drinks, and music. I got the chance to meet up with some natural hair ladies and gents. Some new and old faces to catch up with about their natural hair.

I would have to say the best part of the event were the raffle prizes. Lots of hair products for your product junkie needs. Let’s not forget the grand prize of the night, that Huetiful hair steamer with the beautiful face of Ms. CharyJay.

I was lucky enough to win two gift bags full of amazing products in addition to my entrance “swag bag”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win that darn hair steamer.

Congrats to the winner!!!! & Thanks!

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Creating a fulfilling life

6 Tips to Live in Peace and Balance: What to Let Go

Editor’s Note: This is a contribution by Anastasiya Goers

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” ~Havelock Ellis

Imagine that you have to move in two days. Would you be able to pack all your possessions in that time and clean out your house completely?

How about your mental baggage? If you have only two days left to finish all the important projects in your life, would you be able to do it?

Three years ago I left the country where I was born and raised and moved permanently to a different place half way around the globe.

Packing was not easy because there were so many things that were meaningful to me but of course I couldn’t take them all. But even more difficult was the part of leaving my friends and family behind. I couldn’t put my friends in a suitcase and smuggle them across the border.

However, the hardest part was still ahead. Soon after I got to the US I realized that I had to let go of a lot of habits and even my lifestyle. Everything was so different from where I grew up.

I had two choices: to hold on to my past, complain, and be completely miserable or let go of everything that was no longer relevant and start a new life while still holding on to my authentic self.

You may not have had to go through such drastic changes in life. However, we all face the dilemma of letting go and holding on.

A lot of times if we are not forced to let go of something we keep dragging 10, 20, 40 years of mental and physical baggage behind us. At some point that baggage becomes so unbearably heavy that we just decide to stop moving forward and start living in the past.

We stop having new goals and dreams. We stop meeting new people. We stop trying new things. We stop learning. But, ironically, we still keep buying and acquiring more physical clutter to fill our homes and closets.

Of course, on the other hand if you throw away everything you love and enjoy, then suddenly you lose your personality. Frankly speaking, you cease to know yourself then.

So, quoting Havelock Ellis again, how do you mingle letting go and holding on? The answer to this question will give you the ultimate inner peace and balance.

1. Physical clutter.

In the world where buying is easier than walking (buying a new gadget requires minimum energy—pick up the phone and order it) it’s really difficult to keep our houses clutter free.

When you try to clean up, throwing away stuff that you no longer use comes easy—like a sweater that has stains from a barbecue party or your kids’ toys that they no longer play with. But how about things that you are emotionally attached to? It’s a totally different story.

Make a stack of things that have meaning to you, look at every item in that stack, and ask yourself “What does this thing really mean to me? If I don’t own it, will I still be able to keep the memories that are dear to me? Can someone else in my family have better use of this item?”

It’s even better to ask someone else to go over this stack with you. While you are emotionally attached to all these items another person (your friend, spouse or a family member) will give you logical reasons why you should or should not hold on to this thing.

Hold on only to a few mementoes that remind you about a particular joyful period. Find a good way to display them where they don’t obstruct your living space or devote only one closet to all your mementoes. Whatever you can’t fit in that closet has to find another home.

2. Dreams and goals.

As years pass we grow and change. Your goals and dreams should grow and change with you.

Can you imagine if all of us held on to the dreams that we had when we were 6-7 years old? Who did you want to be back then? I wanted to be a teacher, not because I wanted to teach others but because I liked to grade papers (in my mind, grading papers with red ink was THE coolest thing in the world.)

At each stage of our life we are allowed to have different dreams and goals. As we mature we can let some of our dreams “retire” because we discover goals that are more important to us. Letting go of a dream doesn’t mean that you have failed at reaching it. It means that you have cleared space for a more meaningful and mature goal in your life.

Hold on to the dreams and goals that are authentic and that represent who you. Let go of the ones that you don’t feel so strong about anymore and always create new ones.

3. Expectations.

One of the worst things in life is always trying to meet somebody’s expectations.

If you are always trying to reach the approval of others then you will never be able to live peacefully. None of us is perfect in the eyes of the others. None of us is perfect, period. The only way that we can be successful and perfect is if we set our own standards and follow our own road in life.

Of course, hold on to some social norms and politeness and also consider the feelings and wellbeing of the people you love. Being authentic and true to yourself doesn’t mean becoming selfish or thoughtless.

4. Bad habits.

Is there any reason to keep bad habits in your life? Constant improvement is a sure sign of a balanced and happy person. A lot of times letting go of a habit is difficult. That’s why so many of us (me included) fail at this goal.

The only way that you can change your lifestyle is to plant a firm decision into your head. You are not doing it for someone else, you are not doing it because you are expected to. You are doing it because you want to live the best life and you care about the people around you who might be suffering from your bad habit.

Choose one habit that you want to work with and “prepay” 20% of your success. It’s a marketing strategy that works great for attracting customers as well as tricking your brain into starting a transformation.

If you want to lose some weight what would you much rather do—get on a strict diet or stop eating sweets after lunch? Unless you are a disciplinary freak of nature you would choose not eating sweets after lunch. By doing that for a week you have “prepaid” for your success. Next week it will be easier for you to start cutting your portions or move from an egg and bacon biscuit for breakfast to some healthy oatmeal.

Hold on to some of your habits (for right now). One of the main reasons why people fail at transforming their bad habits is because they do too much too fast. Choose just one habit and work on it until you have succeeded.

5. Memories and experiences.

Our brain is hard-wired into noticing and holding on to negative events five times more effectively than positive ones. This phenomenon is called “negativity bias.” It’s the reason why we keep dwelling on a negative conversation with a colleague at work instead of noticing the roses bloom outside.

The only way to fight this built-in negativity is to focus on positive events and make sure that your brain remembers them as vividly as it does negative ones.

Hold on to your positive memories by writing them down. A recent study published in Psychology Today suggested that it takes 5 positive events to outweigh one negative one in your life. Whenever you start feeling the attack of negative thoughts think of as many positive events of the day as possible.

Focus on the joys of present day and stop dwelling in the past.

6. People.

Sometimes we have to make a decision to let go of people in our lives.

It’s in your best interests to let go of difficult and negative people, those who constantly bring you down or undermine your efforts to improve your lifestyle. If they are unwilling to understand your current goals then you are better off without them.

If you are not able to let go then you might want to minimize the time that you spend with them.

Hold on to your close friends, your confidants. Whether it is your spouse, your family member or a friend please make it a priority to spend time with them, to share your joys, ask for advice, and have fun together. It will make you happier and more positive and it can even improve your health.

Letting go is not as hard as it seems. Every little thing that you let go of today makes room for something new and amazing in your life. A life of genuine balance and peace starts when you learn to let go without regret and hold on with gratitude.

Photo by H.Koppdelaney

Source:Tiny Buddha

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Want to get rid of those blemishes…

You do not have to spend money to purchase a face steamer, because you have it right in your kitchen. A pot, stove and water. This is what I used to steam my face and it worked perfectly. Steaming you face is the best way to give your pores a deep clean. It loosen debris that have been embedded into the skin. I will list the steps below and I encourage you to steam your face twice a week.

Step 1: first I cleansed my face with Cetaphil face cleanser. ( you can use your desired face wash). I made sure my face was free of dirt, and makeup.

Step 2: I then boiled water until it was hot and steamy. I added fresh herbs to the water,I used lemon and green tea leaves.
(If your skin is oily you can use thyme, peppermint or lemon. For sensitive use chamomile or lime. Those with normal skin can use rose, rosemary or lavender.)

Step 3: I stood directly over the pot and draped a towel over my head so that the steam wont escape. I stood there for 10 mins when the steam started to go away. I then rinsed my face and applied a facial mask. I made my mask with 2 egg whites and 2 small spoons of plain yogurt. This is good to keep moisture in the skin.

Applying a mask right after steaming your face is the best time because your pores are opened and the mask will deeply penetrate into the skin

Step 4: I rinsed off the mask, and cleansed my face with Cetaphil face wash again and applied a warm damp towel over my face until the towel got cool. I dried of my face and applied my Embryolisse moisturizer.

*NOTE* Be careful not to burn your face. do not put your face very close to the pot. Steaming your face can sometimes dry out your skin, just be sure to apply a moisturizer after.

Source:Chic and Kinky

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Natural Hair Makeover Anyone?

Mane Moves TV have teamed up The Coil to help women that want to go natural by hooking them up with a natural hair make over! With hair care professionals and stylists that they trust, make over participants and viewers will see how manageable the transitioning process can be.

If you live in the New York tri-state area and would like a free natural makeover which will be filmed, email us at Don’t forget to tell us why you could really benefit from this natural hair makeover. Deadline is March 31, 2012. Good luck!




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Hair Styling and Fashion Cafe Meetup

If you are from Jamaica or will be in that part of the country on March 31st be sure to stop by this event…..

Beautiful Earth: Natural Hair Haven


Hair Styling and Fashion Cafe Meetup

When: March 31, 2012

Where: Simma Down Cafe @ the Bob Marley Museum

Tickets are $500 JA

You can pick up tickets at…

Beautiful Earth

151 Constant Spring Road


Earth Elements

35 Constant Spring Road

Discussion and Demonstrations will be going on!!

Plus Debaz designs


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Spring Curls Meetup

Savy Brown Presents:

Spring Curls Meetup

Sponsored by WONDER CURL

Join Savvy Brown and friends for our first Natural Hair meet up. We want to answer your most burning questions about your natural hair. (ie. Protective styles, best ingredients, anything and everything!)

Where: Ecodermis & Wolfberry 563 Lincoln Place Brooklyn, New York 11238
When: Saturday, April 7th, 2PM

Be sure to stop by and meet other naturals!!!


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Vote for Justina!! Natural Hair x BCBG

When you look at the commercials out there you slowly see the natural hair ladies(and gents) popping up. Don’t you just love it!! Well I do…..

So lets help a fellow natural hair sista and friend of mine out!!

Justina Pierre is trying out to “Become the Face of BCBG”!


She needs your help!!

Voting will end 3/29, all you have to do is click the link below and vote for her!!

Come on get to voting!!

We need some more natural hair in the media!!

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Hidden Curls News!! Big Chop Anyone??

So I wish I knew where to start. The excitement is making me lose focus…But let’s get down to business!

After numerous talks, photos, etc. of the array of curls in the natural hair community (via every single networking site) I kept getting that urge. On the Friday before presidents day(February 17), I went out and got some shears and began clipping my ends myself. Oh, how scissor happy I got. After a couple of weeks the back portion of my hair almost was relaxed free. Of course I was suffered from the hand in hair syndrome. I couldn’t resist it. I WAS LOVING MY HAIR!

The front of my hair still had a lot more relaxed ends so I stuck it out with my braid outs. For me I liked to keep a style for as long as possible. I would keep my braid outs typically 5 or 6 days depending on my schedule. That dang front section just wasn’t acting right! It would get really straights after about the 3rd day. It was like the natural hair Gods were telling me something(LoL). I had epiphany. Some of you may or may not know that I finally did my Big Chop. After 11 months of transitioning I finally got tired of the two textures. I initially wanted to BC for my birthday this coming April but as you can see I just could not wait that long. I was also very anxious to see my curl pattern without my relaxed ends weighing down my hidden curls.

I logged on to Twitter for the weekly #TribeThurdays with my favorite gal @TribeCalledCurl . This day in particular I wanted to know a good salon in my area and Miss Imani directed me right in the hands of the amazing Tendril’s Hair Spa located in Fort Greene,Brooklyn.

I made that appointment, and waited for the day to arrive. March 16 finally arrives; I’m anxious, nervous, excited everything in one. As I’m approaching the salon I’m just thinking what the finished look would be. I have never had short hair besides the day I was born. I get to Tendril’s and I am welcomed by the person at the front desk; the atmosphere was definitely inviting. My hair was first detangled, washed with Jane Carter Solution Shampoo and conditioner, then detangled again. My wash never felt so good which made the event even more relaxing. I then sat under the dryer for maybe about 25 mins. with a deep conditioner applied and it was washed out.

I got into the hot seat and my stylist Carla(who was also very pleasant) asked me about my plans for my hair, why I chose to go natural, and the look I was interested in. Then, it began she clipped away those ends!! I was still a tad nervous, but I was sure that Carla knew exactly what she was doing. After the cut, my hair was washed and conditioned again. Then was ready to be styled. Carla applied an oil to my hair (I should know the name) which smelled amazing, almost as good as candy. She then applied Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream; flat twisting the front portion of my newly released curls and styling the back portion into that good ‘ole TWA(Teenie Weenie Afro). To keep the style in place, I went under the dyer for a little and my flat twists were removed.

I fell in love with my new styled hurr. A week later and I’m loving it even more.

TWA Livin’ & Lovin’ it…..

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Tressumé: Kini

Name: Kini Slaughter
Location:Atlanta, GA

How long have you been natural?
I’ve been natural for a decade.

Did you transition or do the Big Chop?
I flat-ironed my hair for years, because I didn’t even know that my hair even had a curl pattern. I BC’d in late 2009.

Why did you choose that route?
I chose that route actually because my stylist informed me that all the length I had (which wasn’t much) was heat damaged. So she convinced me that I should cut it, I was shocked at how short it was, but it ended up being exactly what I needed!

What inspired you to have natural hair? What has kept you motivated to remain natural?Beautiful, healthy coils, retaining length, and a plethora of styling choices motivate me to remain natural. For many it’s a passing trend, but it is a lifestyle for me. I don’t EVER plan on returning! I’ve also just started a natural hair apparel line to encourage self-esteem and motivate women to embrace their natural hair. So I want to serve as an example of a woman that does just that.

What are two(2) natural hair products that you just can’t live without? Why? Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Curl Moisturizing Conditioner – I use it as a deep conditioner. It’s thick and it softens my hair wonderfully! Curly Kinks Coil Jam actually elongates my coils and revitalized some old highlights!

What is your favorite way to wear your hair? My trademark style is a Wash ‘n Go. But lately, I’ve been wearing my hair in protective flat-twist updo styles.

What do you love about your natural hair? I love the versatility that my natural hair has. I can switch up my look all the time. I use Ayurvedic herbs, food products and some oils that I never dreamed of using before I started wearing my hair curly. Best of all, my hair is stronger and healthier than it ever was before.

What do you dislike about it? I try to embrace it, but I do dislike the extreme shrinkage that my hair has. It literally looks several inches shorter than it actually is.

What tip(s) would you recommend to someone who wants to become natural, is transitioning, or needs advice about natural hair?
I would recommend understanding your hair type and it’s characteristics. It aids in not feeling frustrated over a million products that don’t work on your hair. Visit some product boards that mention certain lines, read the reviews. Learn the type of ingredients your hair likes (trust me, it’ll let you know)! I recommend researching for yourself in addition to meeting up with other naturals for info and support! Prominent YT vloggers/bloggers can also be a wonderful source of information. They help to motivate and do reviews that could save time and money.


Variety Curls Apparel Coming Soon, Stay Posted