Aphrodite: Goddess of Love & Beauty, amongst other titles

Kinks: Hair in its natural state; full of natural curls,coils,and spirals.

Put the two together you get Aphrodite Kinks!

A place where one can appreciate naturality. LoveBeauty Kinks of course!


Hello Beauties,

Welcome to Aphrodite Kinks, hope that you will enjoy your time here learning all things love, beauty, and kinks of course.

Aphrodite Kinks, a bit self explanatory but here it goes….On my journey, transitioning from permed hair to natural hair, I enlighten you about some of my own transitioning ups and downs. I also provide you with information to keep your hair healthy. Natural hair is about embracing your natural kinks and loving you.

So a little about me!
Aries, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York(reppin’ Jamaica to the fullest).

Now about my hair! I was a transitioning natural; my last chemical treatment was March 31, 2011. So, I guess you can say that I transitioned since then. I don’t remember the actual day I decided I wanted to go natural, but there was just something about it I just fell in love with. Why I went natural you may ask? Well here’s the low down:

1) Many of my younger cousins whom I grew up with as sisters have remained natural and seeing them with their natural hair made me see how beautiful it is.
2) Good Hair by Chris Rock!!! This movie/documentary opened my eyes to a lot of things. You have to see it to understand.
3) Comparisons of the health of my hair throughout the 7 years my hair was chemically relaxed. (It was BAD!)
4) Curiosity to see my hair texture after so many years. Plus I have always loved curly hair.
5) Naptural85 KimmayTube & CurlyNikki. I did my research saw their hair and just fell in love.

All of these pretty much helped me to proceed into my 11 month transition(Yes, like many I was terrified of short hair). Finally, the day came and I did my BC(Big Chop) on March 16, 2012, YAY!! . Oh, and I have been falling in love with my hair ever since. Check me out 5 months kinkalicious…


You too can learn to love your natural kinks…..so why not now! Hope that I can help inspire as well as aid you along your own journeys.

Hope you all enjoy!

With Love,