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Gold Label Coconut Care

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil, is made from organic, fresh coconuts in rural areas of the Philippines. The coconuts used are hand selected, and the pure coconut water from inside the coconut is used to extract the coconut oil using traditional methods.


The amazing folks over at Tropical Traditions asked me to try some of their Virgin Coconut Oil and I can tell you it is a must try. I applied the coconut oil after washing to seal in my hair’s moisture. The coconut oil was very light on my hands as well as my hair. Unlike most coconut oils the consistency was really smooth which made it easy to handle and rub into my palms for application. My hair was left feeling moisturized and sealed. The best part about it was my hair did not feel greasy or heavy after applying. Awesome!

I can definitely see myself using this more often. Thanks to Tropical Traditions I now will be back to applying my coconut oil after washes as well as to keep my hair moisturized when dry. If you have not invested in a sealer for you hair, you should do so as soon as possible. Check out , for pricing and more information about their amazing Virgin Coconut Oil (which can also be used for cooking). They also have a variety of organic products so be sure to stop by.

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Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.


Want to get rid of those blemishes…

You do not have to spend money to purchase a face steamer, because you have it right in your kitchen. A pot, stove and water. This is what I used to steam my face and it worked perfectly. Steaming you face is the best way to give your pores a deep clean. It loosen debris that have been embedded into the skin. I will list the steps below and I encourage you to steam your face twice a week.

Step 1: first I cleansed my face with Cetaphil face cleanser. ( you can use your desired face wash). I made sure my face was free of dirt, and makeup.

Step 2: I then boiled water until it was hot and steamy. I added fresh herbs to the water,I used lemon and green tea leaves.
(If your skin is oily you can use thyme, peppermint or lemon. For sensitive use chamomile or lime. Those with normal skin can use rose, rosemary or lavender.)

Step 3: I stood directly over the pot and draped a towel over my head so that the steam wont escape. I stood there for 10 mins when the steam started to go away. I then rinsed my face and applied a facial mask. I made my mask with 2 egg whites and 2 small spoons of plain yogurt. This is good to keep moisture in the skin.

Applying a mask right after steaming your face is the best time because your pores are opened and the mask will deeply penetrate into the skin

Step 4: I rinsed off the mask, and cleansed my face with Cetaphil face wash again and applied a warm damp towel over my face until the towel got cool. I dried of my face and applied my Embryolisse moisturizer.

*NOTE* Be careful not to burn your face. do not put your face very close to the pot. Steaming your face can sometimes dry out your skin, just be sure to apply a moisturizer after.

Source:Chic and Kinky

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Tressumé: Kini

Name: Kini Slaughter
Location:Atlanta, GA

How long have you been natural?
I’ve been natural for a decade.

Did you transition or do the Big Chop?
I flat-ironed my hair for years, because I didn’t even know that my hair even had a curl pattern. I BC’d in late 2009.

Why did you choose that route?
I chose that route actually because my stylist informed me that all the length I had (which wasn’t much) was heat damaged. So she convinced me that I should cut it, I was shocked at how short it was, but it ended up being exactly what I needed!

What inspired you to have natural hair? What has kept you motivated to remain natural?Beautiful, healthy coils, retaining length, and a plethora of styling choices motivate me to remain natural. For many it’s a passing trend, but it is a lifestyle for me. I don’t EVER plan on returning! I’ve also just started a natural hair apparel line to encourage self-esteem and motivate women to embrace their natural hair. So I want to serve as an example of a woman that does just that.

What are two(2) natural hair products that you just can’t live without? Why? Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Curl Moisturizing Conditioner – I use it as a deep conditioner. It’s thick and it softens my hair wonderfully! Curly Kinks Coil Jam actually elongates my coils and revitalized some old highlights!

What is your favorite way to wear your hair? My trademark style is a Wash ‘n Go. But lately, I’ve been wearing my hair in protective flat-twist updo styles.

What do you love about your natural hair? I love the versatility that my natural hair has. I can switch up my look all the time. I use Ayurvedic herbs, food products and some oils that I never dreamed of using before I started wearing my hair curly. Best of all, my hair is stronger and healthier than it ever was before.

What do you dislike about it? I try to embrace it, but I do dislike the extreme shrinkage that my hair has. It literally looks several inches shorter than it actually is.

What tip(s) would you recommend to someone who wants to become natural, is transitioning, or needs advice about natural hair?
I would recommend understanding your hair type and it’s characteristics. It aids in not feeling frustrated over a million products that don’t work on your hair. Visit some product boards that mention certain lines, read the reviews. Learn the type of ingredients your hair likes (trust me, it’ll let you know)! I recommend researching for yourself in addition to meeting up with other naturals for info and support! Prominent YT vloggers/bloggers can also be a wonderful source of information. They help to motivate and do reviews that could save time and money.


Variety Curls Apparel Coming Soon, Stay Posted

Future Natural Hair BCBG model Justina Pierre

When you look at the commercials out there you slowly see the natural hair ladies(and gents) popping up. Don’t you just love it!! Well I do…..

So lets help a fellow natural hair sista and friend of mine out!!

Justina Pierre is trying out to “Become the Face of BCBG”!


She needs your help!!

Voting will begin on Wednesday 3/21, all you have to do is click the link below and vote for her!!

We need some more natural hair in the media!!

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Tressumé: Brandi

Name: Brandi Austin


Location: Los Angeles, CA
How long have you been natural?
All together 8 years!
Did you transition or do the Big Chop?
I transitioned.
Why did you choose that route?
I cut my hair after a breakup in 2004. I wanted to get rid of some of the Negative energy I was holding and I sat down and cut if off. At the time I didn’t really know how to care for it, so I went back to wearing weaves. Then in 2005 I dyed my hair blonde which totally destroyed it. I then transitioned by wearing weaves for 3 years. In 2008 I felt it was time to let go of the weaves and rock my natural hair. I was really encouraged by the director of a play i was doing, so I went for it! Thus far, it has been the best decision I could’ve made.
How long did you transition?
I can’t believe I went back and forth for 4 years!
What inspired you to have natural hair?
I’ve always wanted to wear my hair natural even as a child. My mom would wash my hair and i would run from the blow dryer because I wanted to wear it wet and curly.
What has kept you motivated to remain natural?
The compliments I get from total strangers about my hair and it’s on trend in the entertainment industry right now. Especially for commercials which I audition for regularly.
What are two(2) natural hair products that you just can’t live without? Why?
Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, I love using this product for two-strand twist. It leaves my curls full of bounce and super soft, plus the scent it has is yummy! Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment totally brings my hair back to life! It defines my curls and adds just the right amount of moisture.
What is your favorite way to wear your hair?
It’s a toss up between my go to fro-hawk and a high sleek Marley bun.
What do you love about your natural hair?
I’m really in love with the natural texture of my hair. The combo is really interesting! I have this amazing patch of soft curls in my crown and tighter coils on the side.
What do you dislike about it?
I’m super “tender headed”, so the combing and de-tangling process is really a headache for me.
What tip(s) would you recommend to someone who wants to become natural, is transitioning, or needs advice about natural hair?
If you are considering going natural, just do it! Its an amazing experience! Spend the time to get to know which products your hair loves. Remember what is great for one Naturalista is not good for another.

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Tressumé: Deniece

Name: Deniece P.


Location: DC

How long have you been natural?
I “went natural” around 98. My hair
had broken off so bad from relaxers, harmful products, and heat that I
just kept my hair in braided styles. After my sophomore year in
college, unable to afford to get my hair done, comfortable with the
health and the length of my hair, I decided to get a relaxer and cut.
This was about 2004. My hair looked FANTASTIC for about 9 months. Then
it started falling out and breaking again. I haven’t relaxed it

Did you always have dreads or did you transition?
I transitioned to natural hair and then to locs. I have “sisterlocks”
so they were “installed.”

Why did you choose that route?
I never felt a desire or need to cut all my hair off. I just kept it
protected as much as I could

What inspired you to have locs?
I always admired other people with locs. I vowed (when I was MUCH
younger) that when I was older I was gonna marry a man with locs, lol.
Then I thought to myself, “well if you like ‘em so much, why don’t
you get them yourself?” About 10 years later, I did!

What has kept you motivated to remain with your locs?
I LOVE my hair. It not only looks awesome but it represents the best
part of my personality (IMO). I was discouraged by everyone I knew
not to “do that to your hair.” They came up with every reason you
could think of. They convinced me of it for awhile but this is
something I KNEW I wanted. So, finally, I did it. Those same people
are the ones that are amazed and compliment me every time they see me

What are two(2) natural hair products that you just can’t live without? Why?

Taliah Waajid Medicated protective mist bodifier – keeps the
dandruff/dry scalp at bay
Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Mist – oil and alcohol free shine!

What is your favorite way to wear your hair?
I don’t have one!!! That’s what I love. I can do so much to it
contrary to most people’s beliefs. I’m still learning different
styles! I would say my “goto style” would be a slightly modified
version of the first style in this video by bronzegoddess1

What do you love about your natural hair?
It took courage. It allows me to be me. It’s a testament that I don’t
have to do things just because I’ve been taught that the way everyone
else has been doing it is the right way.

What do you dislike about it?
I have sooooooooooooo much hair. My follicle per square inch HAS to be
like 1,000! When I wash it, its super heavy so I have to lift my hair
with my hands first and then lift my head.

strong>;What tip(s) would you recommend to someone who wants to become
natural, is transitioning, or needs advice about natural hair?
Thinking about becoming natural? Do it. Don’t let fear of the unknown
hold you back. There are so many resources out here. There is no
reason to be fearful anymore. Get to know YOU.
Transitioning? YouTube is your friend!!
Need advice? Don’t call me! LOL!!! I can only know what worked for
ME. One thing that I learned is that every product/style isn’t for
every hair type. Experiment! Experiment! Experiment! (just don’t do
anything foolish with harsh chemicals)

Whatever you decide to do, do it with confidence!

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Argan Oil Anyone?

I received some Moroccan Argan Oil in my March Julep Maven Box and read a brief list of it’s benefits. I wanted to know more so, I went researching. Of course I found a slew of information on Argan oil but one stuck out to me. Being that I enjoy enlightening my dear subscribers and visitors, you know I couldn’t not share it with you all. So enjoy the benefits of Argan Oil!

Argan Oil: So Natural, You Can Eat It!

About Argan Oil Shop

Take a look at some of your cosmetics. Would you be tempted to eat any of them? Fruity lip glosses aside, most skin and hair cosmetics are basically poisonous. Although this seems normal and expected by modern standards, it shouldn’t be acceptable.

Why spend money on cosmetics that only contain mostly toxic fillers, when you can use a product so natural and healthy, that it’s edible? As people become more educated about making choices about the products they use on their body, one thing becomes obvious: if you wouldn’t put it in your body, why put it on your body?

I’m sure you are aware that your skin and scalp absorb the products that are applied to them. Maybe it’s time to review your skincare regime.

Argan Oil Defends Your Skin, Naturally.

The ill effects of smoking, exposure to the sun and bad skincare and dietary habits can appear on the face as early as a person’s mid 20s. Although you can’t reverse all the ravages of time, there’s a lot that can be done to protect your skin from future damage, and bring out the best of your skin immediately.

Eczema, psoriasis, acne, wrinkles, dry skin, calluses, dandruff, hair loss, inability to grow long hair are all treatable with regular use of Argan oil. However, those without any skin or hair issues will also appreciate its ability to protect from future damages, and provide a good dose of moisture. Best of all, it does all of this without any additives. It’s just perfect as-is!

Why Settle for Synthetic?

Argan Oil naturally contains many of the same “additives” that high-end cosmetics add synthetically to their formulas to promote anti-aging effects.

Bursting with skin-loving nutrients, Argan oil helps heal damaged skin and is said to protect from the signs of aging as it corrects the effects of dehydration and loss of elasticity. The high amount of tocopherols (vitamin E), which are potent antioxidants, helps the skin to combat free radicals. Free radicals ultimately result in the destruction of the skin’s cells, so by using Argan oil, skin becomes noticeably softer and smoother, diminishing fine lines and improving the appearance of scars.

Argan Oil is SO Easy to Use!

The Basic of True Beauty

Isn’t it great when things get easier? Beauty routines should be enjoyable and simple, not cumbersome and complicated. This is why Argan Oil is a life saver. It’s easy to incorporate into a beauty regime, and it’s easy to use. There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy it, and that’s what makes it unique and wonderful.

Arguably the best thing about Argan Oil is its versatility. Carry a small spritzer bottle in your purse, and spray a little Argan oil on the tips of your hair for instant de-frizzing. Add to cream, or use a few drops straight from the bottle. Use it as a carrier oil, and add your favourite essential oils for a luxurious serum or massage oil. Use as a pre-shampoo treatment, or as a deep conditioner. Add to your bath as a moisturizing and healing bath oil. Apply to scars or stretch marks and watch them quickly vanish. Dap on your lips. Really, your imagination is the limit!

A Little Goes a Long Way

Just 2 drops of Argan Oil, day and night (used pure, or blended into a face cream), will achieve results that should make the top anti-age serums on the market ashamed of their claims. Argan Oil, however pricey it may seem, in fact achieves better results at a fraction of the cost.

So remember this: It may be pricey for oil, but it’s a bargain as a potent all-in-one beauty treatment.

Let’s See What the Lab Says About Argan Oil

It may be just a pure and simple oil, but Argan Oil is a real nutritional punch. In a nutshell (no pun intended, here), Argan Oil is a moisturizer beyond compare, and undoes damage done by evil UV rays. Here are some details of the skin and hair loving components found in this wonder oil:

Vitamin E (tocopherol). Argan Oil is astoundingly rich in Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant which helps slow the process of lipids from the destructive effects of oxygen (oxidation) as well as other environmental effects. Vitamin E is naturally occurring in skin, and helps the skin function as a water-proof barrier. With age and exposure to sun and pollution, this barrier is broken down and causes a lack of moisture, which damages the skin’s lipids. Many skincare products contain synthetic vitamin E, which helps keep skin hydrated and soft, however it is no match for naturally derived vitamin E, such as that found in Argan Oil.

Essential Fatty Acids. Argan Oil is also incredibly rich in essential fatty acids, which have been scientifically proven to be beneficial both when taken orally, but also when applied topically to skin. Not having enough EFAs can cause conditions in which the skin becomes flakey, dry, scaly and uncomfortable; conditions like psoriasis and eczema, as well as acne. EFAs have an anti-inflammatory effect on skin, and also increase suppleness, elasticity and youthful appearance and relieve painful skin conditions. Exposure to UV also decreases the skin’s EFAs, and so treating sun damaged skin with Argan Oil has been shown to repair damage to photo-aged skin, as well as on scarring.

For hair, EFAs prevent breakage and promote smooth and supple strands by increasing moisture content, which is the single best thing that can be done for your hair. Just a drop or two of Argan oil smoothed through brittle hair, from roots to tips, will improve its condition in no time. It also treats dandruff and itchy scalp.

Carotenes. Carotenes, found in Argan Oil, as well as in many fruits and veggies, is a precursor to vitamin A. Vitamin A, also known as Retinol, has been garnering a lot of attention from the beauty industry in the past few years. It is effective as an anti-aging ingredient in cosmetics, by protecting the skin from sun damage, and undoing damage already done. It also helps even skin tone, and adds a healthy glow. For hair, it counteracts fragility, reduces split ends and encourages a healthy sparkle.

Squalene. Squalene is found naturally in all plants and animals. As an additive in cosmetics, it penetrates skin easily and is absorbed readily, without leaving a greasy residue and is non-irritating. It does not cause skin to breakout, and is effective in healing scar tissue and preventing stretch marks. Squalene may also reduce hair loss and is a highly effective conditioning agent.

Quick Results

Argan Oil has the rare benefit of immediate improving hair condition. Whereas conventional hair products –conditioners, serums, styling creams- merely coat the hair shaft, resulting in temporary glossy locks, Argan Oil is actually absorbed by the hair. Argan Oil promotes silky soft hair, prevents moisture loss and adds elasticity and suppleness, but also provides an immediate sparkle and shine. So when your hair looks amazing because of Argan Oil, it’s because it’s in great health, and not just coated in silicones. Fine-haired people will benefit from the added strength this oil provides, and those with coarse hair will appreciate how smooth their hair will feel

Source:Argan Oil Shop

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