Transitioning from chemically treated to natural hair is an experience. You have to find the products that are right for you and your hair.

I believe that no two people have the same hair type. Everyone has their own specific curl pattern. Some may even have more than one curl pattern. Instead of becoming the ultimate PJ (Product Junkie) you can figure out what may work for you. Search around the internet to find people who may have similar hair to yours and try out products they use.

One brand that I have been mostly using and I find works for me is Shea Moisture. There products smell good and many have responded positively to them. You can pick up Shea Moisture products at your local Target or Walgreens. They may also be available in other stores. Check out

Here is a product that I love and feel can aid transitioners in their introduction to natural hair as well as through out their natural hair life.


They also have trial boxes! Just in case the product might not be for you.

Until next time…..