Excited to begin this journey, and bring you all with me!!! Welcome!

Going natural is definitely a choice, especially when considering transitioning or actually going all out and doing the Big Chop. I personally decided to take the transition route (Check out my story in the About AphroditeKinks section). I fear short hair!! Before making that decision, I did my research.

You must first do your research, search online for other bloggers, sites, and YouTubers that are natural or transitioning. Is natural hair for you? Natural hair is for everyone, with much patience, tender, love, and care for your tresses; you can achieve natural hair.

One thing I can guarantee you will come across is negative feedback. In a society that has been conditioned that straight hair is “better”, or that some people have “good hair” , or “nappy hair”, negativity towards natural hair is booming. Healthy hair is good hair!! You will definitely come across people that in fact think these things are true; You may even believe those things are true. I am hear to tell you the are FALSE ! You have to stand strong and be proud of your natural kinks, coils, curls, and spirals!

Oh yes, and one last thing moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Natural Hair should always be moisturized.

Until next time…..