I finally decided to try out the products I won from the Curls 10th anniversary giveaway. I initially wanted to do a video tutorial/review but I was not as satisfied as I wanted to be with the Curls products and I was a little lazy on the editing. Therefore, I don’t really have many pictures of my hair during the process.

I tried the coconut curls conditioner a while back and loved it so I figured these products would definitely work well, after all it was the professional line by Curls. I received the full 4 steps of a custom package of products. The products I received where the:


I have not really used shampoos much and had just removed my protective style, so I figured hey, why not use the Clarifying shampoo. When using the product I was brought back to my relaxer days; washing my hair and feeling that dry feeling on my hands which meant my hair was dry. After seeing and feeling my natural hair I was not very satisfied. I then noticed the bits of nail polish left from an old manicure were white. YIKES!! That really scared me as it meant the shampoo stripped my hair and nails.

Still fearing moving ahead with the product line I figured using the Hair Tea Deep Conditioner would bring moisture back to my hair. I applied the deep conditioner, put a plastic cap on my head and sat under the dryer for 45 mins. I was surprised at the results, my hair felt a bit moisturized and that made my hair and I happy.

I then rinsed and spritz my hair with the *leave-in* which I found was pretty cool. Following the spritz I applied the Whipped Cream styling cream,which smelled amazing, then sectioned my hair to twist. For each section I applied a generous amount of Whipped Cream and proceeded to twist.

After two days I took down my twists and these were the results.


The results were not bad at all. My hair felt fluffy and still held some definition from the twist out. I’m not sure I will be using this 4 step method again. Though I may use the Deep conditioner and Whipped Cream for a twist out in the future.