I finally did my first wash and go. I was loving it. If you read my post prior about the KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com launch party then you know about the goodies. Thanks to that sameKinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com event, I added more great products to my stash. I admit, I finally feel like a product junkie in the beginning stages. YIKES!!!

Sharing what I won with a fellow naturalists Imani, she commented about how good she had heard JessiCurls works well for my hair texture. I took that information into consideration and my first product test was with JessiCurls.

I washed my hair with the hair cleansing cream, conditioned with the Too Shea extra moisturizing conditioner, and deep conditioned with the deep conditioning treatment. Following that application I sat under the dryer for about 30 mins and rinsed out. My curls were looking and feeling fresh and soft.


I applied the JessiCurl styling product confident coils styling solution as well as the Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In. Following the application of these products, I tried my best to section my Tinnie Weenie Afro. Applying about a quarter sized amount of Eco styler gel to each of those sections and brushing through to ensure it was evenly distributed. Once all of my hair was define I sat under my dryer for a quick 20 minutes. I was then left with some amazingly defined curls.

Not bad at all, though I did have some adjustments for the next wash and go. I found that I applied a lot or no gel to some parts. Leaving me with a mismatch of really hard curls or undefined curls. Seeing this to prep my hair the next day I applied some more KBB Sweet Ambrosia leaving to my hands and brushed over my hair. This helped loosen some of the hard curls and blending the soft ones.

Until next time….