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Brooklyn kind of Wash and Go

It was definitely feeling like a Brooklyn kind of day when I pulled out my stash to wash and define my TWA. Being that I attended the CurlBox x Karen’s Body Beautiful event I was sure to leave with some goodies. I received a Luscious Locks Hair Mask & Hold It Gel w/Argan Oil; I finally put them to the test.

For this particular wash I incorporated a couple of my other staples to get the job done.

My Vatika Oil and Shea Moisture Restorative conditioner

Check out how I put all of these products to the test…..

The results were not too bad. After applying the KBB Luscious Locks Hair Mask my hair resembled Jerry curls from all the moisture is retained. I still don’t feel I have mastered the application of gel as yet but once I do you will be the first to hear.

Love your Kinks,

Eden Body Works Tea Tree Oil Review

I got the chance to use my Eden Body Works Tea Tree Oil , which was in one of my CurlBox‘s. I had heard raves about how good it was, so I had to try it. I used the tea tree oil conditioner as a Co Wash, applied to my hair and rinsed for another application. After the final rinse I applied my Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave In.

What I liked: I liked that the tea tree oil gave my hair a tingly feeling

What I disliked: It was a bit too minty for me (made my eyes get watery), and I expected for my hair to have some kind of definition being that it was a co wash.

I am not sure if I would use this product again for sure but I would definitely give it a try. What did not work for me may work for you!

Love your Kinks,