Having natural hair requires you to take excellent care of your hair. As a natural, hair should remain detangled,ALWAYS!

Especially, if you are transitioning you should make a habit of detangling your hair(when wet of course).

When one is transitioning, there are two completely different textures. The perm ends and your natural strands; they become best friends(always remember that opposites attract). The place where these two textures meet is called the line of demarcation. I am informing you to beware and be wise. I am telling you this only from experience.


That is the most important way to protect your transitioning hair.

How you should do this you ask…

First, we throw out all the knowledge we thought we had, about washing our strands.

We wet our hair with room temperature water, really hot water can suffocate our strands and they become dry. Following that we drench our hair with conditioner, trying our best to avoid product that contain alcohol. This too can dry out your hair as well.

Now, for the detangling….it is best to use your fingers to comb through your hair, but we have time to master that. For now, comb conditioner drenched hair with a wide tooth comb. Start detangling from the ends and work your way up. Remember, tender, loving, care!

Braid or twist your freshly detangled hair and tackle the remaining hair.

Tackle that line of Demarcation, don’t let it tackle you!

Until next time….