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Something like a Phenomena


Folks over at Black Cotton Apparel got in contact with me to review one of the amazing “Natural” tees. Lucky for me I was drawn to the amazing “Natural Phenomena” tee. I wanted to choose a shirt that would be both uplifting for me and those that saw me in the tee. Once I came across the description behind the tee, I knew i just had to have it. The description posted with the shirt read:

When you walk down the street, you cant help but to turn heads.  Like a force of nature, you cannot be denied.  Black Cotton Apparel celebrates the natural phenomena that is you.


It was so me! Recently, I have been filled with smiles even when things may not feel all rosey. I have learned to accept people and things as they are. You cannot change anyone but yourself. I know it sounds very cliche but, it is true you have to change yourself if you want change. Well, let me get back to the tee! I put it on and my day felt brighter and I was many more smiles. It was midweek and I was happy to be alive and well. I was feeling exactly what the tee read, hence why the song kept playing in my head; “something like a phenomena, something like a phenomena”.

I say all of this to encourage you to be a phenomena, natural or not! Love who you are, where you will go and where you have come from. It is all a journey, whether we accept it or not one day you will have to. Appreciate all of your journey, good or bad, you where created for this.


As well stop by Black Cotton Apparel; check out the tees get motivated. I know I did, shit I was feeling like like the phenomena I am Natural Crown and all. (*Excuse my poor quality front facing camera pic.)

& Guess What….You get 15% for being apart of my lovely Crew!! Use coupon code : NAT213. Get to it, you don’t want to miss out on something so phenomenal!!

Love yourself,



Live your Dream, Love your Dream!’

Life is But a Dream

That indeed is true. The beauties of the world around us are taken for granted. No one other than ourselves can create the dream that we have been destined to live. For Beyoncé her dream was her life of music. Watching her documentary truly gave me and I think everyone else watching that moment they’ve always wanted. A moment to see the real Beyoncé, a moment to believe that she still is a person.

It was truly beautifully written; for her to give us a piece of the real her. It helped me to feel what she felt. BEYONCÉ IS HUMAN! It showed me that we as people have been idolizing those who are “famous”, treating them as God. When really they are just normal people like you and I. They cry, they anger, they laugh, they are human.

She lived her dream, and allowed things to fall into place. She was giving us all of her with so little. It was so grateful, so resilient, so filled with her humility. Beyoncé helped me to realize that many things should be kept where they should be. That when things are to be revealed to you or others they are. The universe, God & you shall be molded together.

She told us that love is real, that love exists. She showed us that we can love each other as people and grow together. We can respect who we are and still be great. We can overcome hard times, we are resilient. We can achieve ANYTHING that exists deep within our soul.

Life is truly but a dream and you have to make those dreams into your life. Watching this documentary today helped me to finally bring about many things I wanted to bring up for all of my Goddess’.

I had longed to create posts to help many to take the initiative to embrace who they are and this I feel was the perfect way to do so.

It doesn’t matter if you saw the documentary or not. Her life and many others lives are a blueprint, a blueprint that may guide us all to our greatness. Her life may not be your guide, but that loss that you encountered it will help you overcome, it will help you to become stronger. That achievement you made will show you that you are exactly where you should be.

Believe in You!! You are a Goddess'(King) and life is more than a dream it is reality.

Thank You for letting us in Carter/Knowles Family.

Love YOU!!,

Spread the Miracle..

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I would like to take this time to acknowledge the amazing ladies who have been through the journey. I paired up with African Pride in an effort to showcase the beauty and strength of some of these ladies. The African Pride Breast Cancer Series embodies fostering #GirlPower with the brand’s “My Pride. My Way” campaign. #APSOS

Check out their stories below:

Name: Ebony Steele

Age: 40

Occupation: Co-Host of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

How did you learn of your diagnosis with breast cancer?

I was at home relaxing when I reached over and scratched my breast and found a lump. But I didn’t think much of it. That night while on the phone with my sister, she replied, “If you don’t go to the Doctor now, I’m going to tell Momma.” Wow, I thought, “hadn’t heard that since we were kids.”  So the next day I visited the Doctor and the lump was determined to be cancerous.

As a survivor, can you share your journey with our readers?

Here I am a young, 35 yrs old with her whole life ahead of her. It took me through an emotional whirlwind after receiving the news. I thought breast cancer was an “old white woman” disease. NOT! I knew I had to find my support system. My family really helped me fight and push through this traumatic experience. I saw the”Fight” in their eyes. They were not ready to lose me and that helped me to “Fight” with undying strength because we did not want to lose each other.

How did treatment affect your hair and how did you treat your hair post treatments?

By the end of my chemo treatment I lost over 90% of the hair off my body.  Through it all, I continued my daily regimen of the African Pride Oil to keep my skin and scalp moisturized and soft. Once my hair grew back, I used the African Pride Leave In Conditioner to make my hair appear fuller and more manageable.

What advice did you want to leave with our readers regarding staying strong through times of challenge?

Find that “Support System”. For me, it was family but for someone else it may be your spouse, church, friends etc. Always remember, “You are not alone.”  There are plenty of groups and events to connect with that offer support.

How can our readers get in contact with you?

I would Love to hear from you! Visit me at you’re in Atlanta, come see me and support my Bare Chest for Breast Cancer Gifting Suite & Runway Show benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness on Tuesday, October 23rd (

Your “Favorite Girlfriend”,

Ebony Steele

Co-Host of “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show”

African Pride Expert Corner:

Suggested Products:

African Pride Growth Oil and African Pride Leave-In Conditioner

Name: Janae’ Veal

Age: 32

Occupation: Fitness Trainer

1. How did you learn of your diagnosis with breast cancer?

I had a noticeable lump under my arm. Once checked, testing confirmed it as aggressive stage one breast cancer.

2. As a survivor, can you share your journey with our readers?

I was very healthy, cooked my own food (no extra salt or sugar), exercised regularly & I had no history of breast cancer in my family. I was the healthiest person that my friends and family knew, but that still didn’t change the fact that I had breast cancer at age 30. Over the past year I had a lumpectomy (April 2011), 6 rounds of chemotherapy (June – October 2011) and 33 radiation treatments (October- December 2011). I continued treatment with Herceptin until June 2012 and currently take hormone therapy treatment with Tamoxifin.

3.  How did treatment affect your hair and how did you treat your hair post treatments?

I continued to wear it as I always did, long and pressed out straight for about a week or so. After being tired of loose hair being all over the place, I decided to shave it. I loved my bald head. I felt so confident, so sexy, so free, so empowered.  Once I was done with the treatments it slowly started to grow back. Before cancer I had naturally curly hair that I wore either curly or straight. My new hair came back so extra soft, just like baby hair. It was so silky and soft, and wavy once it got a little length to it. After about 4 months it started to feel normal again. It’s back to being really curly. I miss my long hair some days but short is so easy.

4. What advice did you want to leave with our readers regarding staying strong through times of challenge?

It seems like a lot, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I never thought that I was going to die. So from day one, I always claimed how I wanted to feel and to be positive. I used this as an opportunity to show those around me that God is still real. I share my journey with any and everybody. I want people to know that they are not alone. Things happen for a reason and we must embrace whatever change it may be. I always tell people that breast cancer has been the best worst thing to ever happen to me

5. How can our readers get in contact with you?

Twitter: @jveal


Instagram: @j_veal


African Pride Expert Corner:

Suggested Products:

African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Bouncy Curls Pudding for Janae’s New Curly Coif

I you are a Survivor, currently battling Breast Cancer, or know someone who is suffering from it, I send my love and prayers to you and I hope that you realize that you are not alone. Keep the faith!

I support Black Angels over Tuskegee

As I mentioned in my review regarding the Curl Daze event, I told you of the many prizes I won. One of them was a pair of tickets to see the off Broadway play Black Angels over Tuskegee. I had heard many talks of Tuskegee and some of its Black Angels.

I would get into depth about the play but that would ruin it all wouldn’t it. Though I will tell you it was AMAZING. The story of the amazing men of Tuskegee was bold, courageous, strong, determined, and heart wrenching. I caught myself tearing up by how strong the messages of the play were.

Thanks to the ladies of Around the Way Curls and Asili Glam for this amazing winning.

I promise it is a MUST see. To purchase tickets head on over to

Be sure to also stop by:

Some of the cast of Black Angels over Tuskegee and I

Love your Kinks,