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Sealing Moisture into Your Hair

I did some research on the proper way natural hair should be moisturized and put it to the test. My hair felt soft and super moisturized. Check out the post I found by Nikisha of Urban Bush Babes.

Hi ladies, I wanted to give a quick run through for those who don’t know how to seal their hair, because there is a right way and a wrong way.

Step 1.While hair is freshly cleansed and still wet apply a leave-in conditioner and/or moisturizing cream. Make sure that the leave-in conditioner and moisturizing cream have “water” as an ingredient. The water helps with hairs moisture.

Step 2. Last step apply a coat of oils or butters to your ends and all over your hair if you prefer. This will help seal in the moisture from the leave-in creams and conditioners. This aids in length retention because moisturized hair prevents breakage.

***If you don’t apply your oils or butters as your last step then you will block out the moisture from the leave-in cream and conditioner. Just think about putting a coat of oil on your strands and then trying to put a cream on top, it won’t penetrate. So make sure to follow these steps in exact order . Cream and/or leave-in conditioner first and oils or butters last . Stay away from creams and oils that contain mineral oil and petroleum.

via Sealing Moisture into Your Hair.

Sealed and Moisturized


If there is one product(besides water) that every transitioning and/or natural hair person needs is some kind of sealant for their strands. Most naturals live by the “coconut oil rule”, as others may use a (product junkie) mixture of other natural oils. For me, using coconut oil has made my hair feel moisturized and gives it that extra sheen to stand out. The only thing that sometimes goes wrong, is when I use WAY too much and my hair looks like a mean Jeri Curl. The best way to avoid that is of course using about a dime size amount or less on your hair.

I found on that Coconut Oil has many benefits;
It’s contains:
Lauric Acid and Capric Acid which helps break down active bacteria which can cause hair loss.

Vitamin E which keeps the scalp,hair, skin, and nails healthy and fresh.

Moisture Retaining Capacity due to the fact that it is not broken down easily nor evaporated, which makes it very stable. Hence, hair will remain moistened and soft, preventing breakage.

Fatty acids which can aid in the treatment of Dandruff.

For naturals, coconut oil should probably one of your staple products. It has so many benefits for the hair, as well as the skin, and nails. A sufficient amount of coconut oil usually ranges from about $2 to about $6. Not expensive at all, especially when it saves you the option of having damaged hair, and can be used in more ways than one.

Be sure to check out your local health food store, supermarket, etc. and pick up some coconut oil. You WON’T regret it.

Until next time….