I had been hearing a multitude of raves about the “Original Moxie” products, so this past weekend I decided to give it a try. This is how it went down….

I applied the Cupuacu Butter & Castor Oil Emollience Pre-Treatment and sat under the dryer for about 15 minutes with my conditioning cap. This product had a sweet and spicy and it wasn’t bad at all.

Following the treatment I sprayed my hair with water to detangle (I have found that detangling before washing works better for me).

I applied the Ith Yucca Root & Soap nut No-Foam Shampoo and cleansed my hair. My hair definitely felt clean after applying this cleanser. There were no suds in comparison to most of the cleansers I have used prior. My hair and scalp felt clean, and I just love that clean feeling.

Then my favorite out of them all the Hibiscus & Strawberry Intense Quench Conditioner. The smell…AMAZING! Even after enough of the product was on my hair, I just had the urge to apply more. It smelled that good.

I rinsed out the conditioner and did my curl pattern check. It seemed pretty okay. I then applied the Shea Butter & Pumpkin seed oil Detangling Conditioner to try and get the definition I wanted.

Some parts of my hair was defined and some not at all. My hair even had a dry feel and look. I didn’t really love it.


I left it over night and the next morning I applied water to my hair using my spray bottle and applied the Ucuuba & Shea Butter Lux Locs Styling & Shine product. I hoped that this would give me the definition I was looking for, but surprisingly it didn’t.

I really thought my hair would react differently than it did. I would definitely try Original Moxie again(maybe on longer hair).

This is just my experience with Original Moxie but for you it may be different. You may love the way your curl pattern appears; you might even have longer hair so the outcome may be VERY different. Don’t hesitate to still try it, It may work better for you!

Try Original Moxie for yourself, head on over to originalmoxie.com to do so. Be sure to share your experience with me. I definitely want to hear about them.

Until next time…