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I recently received my “Beauty Bloggers” voxbox (which I will be posting about soon), and to my surprise I received another package of the Eboost drink mix. When I received it in my Naturals Voxbox the month prior, I was really hesitant to try it, so I passed. This time around I had a cold, and was feeling like crap. I immediately whipped out the EBoost and followed instructions on the packet in hopes to cure my cold.

As I added the water to the powdery contents it immediately began fizzing. I let it sit for a while to dissolve the powder and for the the fizz factor to minimize. I was very excited to drink it too see how it would improve the cold I had been trying to fight off for some time.

The taste….nasty with a hint of orange. I literally had to chug it down, in hopes of not letting my taste buds get in the way. The good part… after about 20 minutes the mucus in my chest had loosened and was coming out of me (sounds super gross). I kept sneezing and throughout the day I felt better than ever. I was able to breath much easier and through the week I felt as if my cold was getting better each day, I was also feeling much more energized. Who would pass up energy and feeling better during a cold?

Now that I have shared with you the greatness that is inside of just one packet, you too can experience the greatness.

EBoost can be purchased at your local Whole Foods Market. It also comes in 3 other flavors: Pink Lemonade, Acai Pomegranate and Super Berry.


Love your body,

**Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary from Influenster**

Naturaluxuries: Hair Nectar

“Since deciding to go natural, it has been a struggle to find hair products that one, don’t weigh my hair down, two, make my hair feel greasy three don’t have some weird smell to it.”

Having natural hair you can agree with all three above mentioned. As transitioners to natural hair it can be even more complicated. We are dealing with new textures, basically the whole process all together. We are always on the lookout for a new product, and constantly are unleashing our inner Product Junkie soul. To make this as good as an experience for myself and all of you I have used a products on my own and now would like to share it with you all.

The product that I will be reviewing is:


“Hair nectar is said to leave your hair feeling soft and totally moisturized hair nectar can be used as a leave in conditioner, detangler, and can also be used as a refresher for braids, twists, and locs”

You can purchase this product at Naturaluxuries on etsy.

I liked the fact that this product can be used in so many ways. With this product you won’t need a million other products.

I had an old braid out and sadly slept without my bonnet the night before using Hair Nectar. Though, this happened I was able to spritz my hair with my Hair Nectar. I spritz until my hair felt damp and distributed the product throughout my hair. Once my hair dried my hair immediately felt softer and a lot more moisturized.

Hair Nectar is definitely a must for a quick natural hair fix. So make sure you visit Naturaluxuries and purchase a bottle of Hair Nectar or two or more.