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10,000 woohoo![CLOSED]

Hello Beauties!!!

I’m back with some super exciting news!!!

Aphrodite Kinks has reached a couple milestones and I’m going to share them with you all.

First I’d like to say thank you all for continuing to be apart of my journey and for supporting me. I hope I am helping to make your journey’s a little bit easier.

I recently checked and Aphrodite Kinks has reached 10,000 views(which has increased since I checked)!!! I’m glad to have you all on board to share this with me. I’m super excited and hope you are too.

As well though its been way past its due date we have also reached and passed our half way mark on this journey together. August made it to 6 months and I hope to keep on providing thee most for all of my lovely readers.

So you all know I couldn’t celebrate without y’all so I decided to do a couple small giveaways to say thank you (Y’all know I got you 🙂 LOL).









Looks awesome right? To name a few of the items up for grabs, we have some Karens Body Beautiful, Kinky-Curly, Use Me, Mane ‘n Tail, Curls, Taliah Waajid, Miss Jessies, Shea Moisture, Eden’s Body Works, Curls Unleashed, and a slew of other goodies. So I know your anxious to know what you have to do to enter. Well here it goes.

There are 8 prizes and 8 winner which I will choose at random (going old school paper and hat lottery).

For my subbies(I will be checking):

1)All you have to do is comment below with why you love Aphrodite Kinks.

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Now that you know how you can enter you have until October 18th, 2012 to enter.

PS completing all 3 tasks will get your name into the hat one extra time so the more the merrier.
& yes it is international!!

Good Luck!! & Thank you all.

Love your Kinks

Ready to Reset?

I recently learned about a 3 month reset on the site and thought I’d share it with you all. I know it started already but be sure to quickly stop by and begin. I think I might do it myself.
tuesday, september 11, 2012 @ 11:26 am

September has always been a monumental month for me. Not on some emo type of stuff, but like literally. I was born eons ago, on this very month and as cheesy as it sounds, every September has been the same. I spend the beginning of it writing down my goals for the rest of the year and then I live out each day with very specific motives– to accomplish those goals. Instead of starting the New Year off with resolutions, I try to go into the New Year already as my better self, that way my first step is with my strongest glide. With the holidays quickly approaching, I find that it’s important that I prepare myself mentally and spiritually for everything that is about to happen. Sometimes when you don’t prepare yourself for what is to come, you miss out on cherishing the moments you think you never have. I call this time of reflection and renewal my 3 Month Reset, and I give myself twelve weeks to reintroduce myself to who I am. I’ve gotten quite a few questions about this process throughout the years — by those who see my journal and are fascinated by it’s diligent display of thoughts, so I decided to break it all down for those of you wanting to dedicate three months to resetting your life and to finding inner peace. The first step is to purchase a journal of your choice (I prefer this notebook) & to grab a pen and some highlighters that you love so that you can have all of the tools necessary to creating your roadmap. With four days left in the week, you have plenty of time to purchase your tools for a fresh start on Sunday. After these 12 weeks, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn about yourself! And when things get tough you’ll find that you’ll have something to reflect on, on the inside. I hope that this is helpful to some, and that it is considered by many. Each number listed below represents a week. Spend one week working on each assignment and be thorough and have fun with it! But if you agree to take on this project, it is very important that you be open and honest with the most important person, and that is, yourself!
Map out ALL of the goals that you’d like to accomplish before the year ends. This includes health goals, mental goals, financial goals, educational goals, personal goals, spiritual goals, short term, long term, small goals, big goals — as long as it is a goal for the remainder of the year, jot it down. This will help guide you to where you need to go for the next twelve weeks and the more things you write down the more likely you will revisit your book. But keep it as simple as you can because goals that are too wordy, ironically get neglected and overlooked.
2 UNPLUG FROM SOCIAL NETWORKS & SUBTRACT ALL THINGS THAT AREN’T ADDING VALUE TO YOUR LIFE: That’s right, spend at least one month, unplugged from social media. You don’t have to neglect it all, but it is important that you be able to consume yourself with you. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the lives of others that we forget about our own. Ask yourself, “When I die — will I remember more about them or more about me?”, “Will I have spent as much time with myself as I did on their Instagram and Facebook page?”. These questions are critical for growth and inner peace. (I typically only keep my Instagram, but deactivate my Facebook & Twitter accounts). Once all most of your social networks are deactivated, dedicate 3 sheets of paper to write down a list of people and things that you want to let go of. Write down why you’re letting go and end each statement with “but, I forgive you”. This is important so that you can weigh and examine the importance of many things in your life. Perhaps you’ll limit your time on the page of others, perhaps you’ll only give yourself a one day pass a week to go to your ex’s Facebook page. If there are false idols that you subconsciously worship, jot it down and vow to let them go. Give yourself (and God) back your life.
3 CREATE YOUR PERFECT HIM: In week three, the fun begins. The next few pages of your journal will be dedicated to creating your perfect him, but as opposed to focusing on the physical attributes you desire in a man, it’s important that you start off this section by answering the following questions: “What would I want ‘him’ to love about me?”, “What would I want ‘him’ to love about life?”, “What would I want ‘him’ to love more than me?”, and then you can move on to the attributes that you’re truly looking for in a man. Yes, you may now discuss the physical but it is important that you really consider the importance of it. Once you’re done with all of this, number each thing by most important (1) to least important (100) thing to you when it comes to your perfectly imperfect man — in pencil of course. Then use another blank sheet (fourth page of week three) to set your personal standards. Make a list of personal vows and standards to yourself, and then say I do. You can’t expect to say I do to him, without saying I do, to you first. Perhaps you’ll vow not to have sex on the first date. Perhaps you’ll vow to be a friend before trying to be a girlfriend. Perhaps you’ll vow not to beg a man for love. Perhaps you’ll vow not to look for love, but to let love find you. Write your personal vow to self, and then seal it with a kiss. Yes, put on your favorite lipstick and kiss the page. Fact of the day: The kiss dates back to the earliest days of civilization in Ancient Rome and in the Middle East. A kiss was used as the formal seal to agreements, contracts, etc. Hence, the obvious use of the custom at the end of the wedding ceremony- to “seal” the marriage vows.
4 BECOME YOUR OWN OBSESSION: For the final week of the FOCUS segment you are to use up 10 pages, yes 10 whole pages, to write down and jot down things that you love and things about yourself. What are your favorite colors? What do you love the most about yourself? What are your favorite foods? What’s something spontaneous that you’d love to do? What’s your dream date? What are your petpeevees? What was your most embarrassing moment? 10 pages (or 5 pages back and front) must be filled with the answers of your mind, body, heart and soul! Have fun and get to writing! Here are one, two, three, four, fivewebsites that are full of fun and mind boggling questions for you to answer. Consider this a personal interview and the start of your journey to self understanding and love.
5 & 6 START TAKING THE INITIATIVE TO TACKLE YOUR GOAL SHEET & SPRING CLEAN ALONG THE WAY: That’s right! Start tackling things on your goal sheet, make the necessary adjustments, and spend each night figuring out how you can become better the following day. An empty mind is the devil’s playground, always have something worthwhile to do. Trash old papers, give away old clothes, and dust neglected corners. Sometimes when there is so much going on around us, we lose focus because we’re trying to get it all sorted. Sort your surrounding environment so there is room left for you to sort through your mind!
7 MANTRA & AFFIRMATION: Write down your personal mantra. What’s the one statement that is basically your motto for every day life? Write down your affirmations. What are positive statements that you believe in and that you promise to live by. Dedicate two pages to listing these things and to explaining why these are the personal statements you agree to live by. Unlike week three where you made vows to how you will handle relationships, you’ll use week seven to creating personal statements that you’ll say throughout the day. Here are a list of daily affirmations that’ll help you based on the situations that you are in and want to be in and here is a website that will help you understand and come up with your own personal mantra. Be sure to recite a few of your chosen mantras and affirmations throughout the day. Use as many pages necessary to make a list of some that work for you — but leave two pages blank in the event that you need to add more.
8 HOLIDAY PLAN: Start making a list of the people that you plan on giving gifts to. Below each, jot down a few gift ideas along with a budget for each person. Be diligent and thoughtful, listen to the small things that your loved ones say that they need to work on or that they need and tailor your gift choices based on those comments and statements that are made. A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. Also start figuring out where and how you’re going to spend your holidays and what you’d like to get out of them. Perhaps you want to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving morning, a tradition my family has shared for the past three years. Or perhaps you want to visit family members you haven’t seen since you were a child. Make this holiday season mean more than just tangible gifts and make it a priority to share the gift of love.
9 GOAL FOCUS: It’s important that throughout this process we don’t lose site of the goals that we are working hard towards. Week nine will be dedicated strictly to accomplishing at least two of the goals on our sheet.
10 RELEASE: Remember that list from week two? It’s now time to give it one more read, rip it out, and to let it go (in the ocean if you’re dramatic). This is your day to let go of all of the hostility, anger, and frustration you may have been holding in and for you to let your inner self know that you no longer want it to suffer. But don’t only forgive those who have hurt you, ask for forgiveness for yourself and forgive yourself. After letting go, use a fresh page to list a few tips that’ll help you when negative thoughts try to reconsume you. Although it is important to let go, it is more important not to relapse. The catch? You can only use one page, the front of one page. You no longer will contribute an abundance of anything to present past people or feelings.
11 SEND YOURSELF FLOWERS FOR A RANDOM DATE NEXT YEAR & ATTACH A NOTE: That’s right! Save up some money and send yourself flowers for a random date next year. Attached have a note that means something to you — whether that be one of the mantras or affirmations you found most helpful during your life reset or whether that be something encouraging to tell yourself in the event that you are sad or doubtful, make a statement that matters, to you. You now know yourself enough to know what that is. But don’t schedule that delivery for early 2013, schedule it for this time next year.
12 CELEBRATE: Remember that list of things you love? Now it’s time to indulge. Treat yourself to a few things on that list and celebrate your new life! Perhaps you’ll go bungie jumping like you’ve always wanted to or perhaps you’ll throw a cooking party at your condo like you’ve always planned! No it’s not your birthday, but it is a time celebrate YOU. No one can appreciate you like you can, so show yourself a little love. Also, take a vacation and live vicariously through the life of another. Buy a novel about a girl like you — and finish the year off spending some downtime reading. Books can take you places you may never go and characters can open your eyes to a life you never had. With all of this time spent on yourself, it’s now time to spend a little time next to the life of another. A humbling experience that will show you that people aren’t always what they seem to be on the outside and that life is full of problems but the purpose of the story is always to push through it and to live happily ever after. A lesson necessary for changing your mindset when you get back to seeing others you may be envious of from time to time. You are the author of your life story and although you had little to no control over the narration of the beginning of it, you now have full control of the way the story goes.


31 Blogger Feature

Hello all,

I’m here with another great update!! I have been featured on The company recently started a 31 bloggers feature for 31 days and I made it to the line of amazing bloggers. Be sure to stop by and check it out.

PS while you’re at it check out what the Curlkit is all about.

Thanks to CurlKit for featuring me and allowing me to be apart of something so great.

Love your Kinks,


Embrace it!!

Quality Black Cotton

First, I’d like to wish all of you a Happy Labor Day. I know you all are probably out and celebrating but I just had to drop in with something for you guys!!

Came across this brand Black Cotton Apparel,

<<< Isn’t this design super cute!!(Photo Courtesy of

Being that I am of Caribbean decent(Big Ups to Jamaica, mi love yuh! I love you other island too! :-)) I could not let the amazing designs and philosophy pass me by (Yes,I am a sucker for good art and culture!).

You know I love you all, so I got the chance to dig deep into the brand and what it stood for in an interview. Check it Out….

What inspired you to create your brand Black Cotton Apparel?

When we started Black Cotton there were just a handful of apparel lines out there and most of them lacked substance and quality. We felt that we needed to create something that represents the caribbean correctly.

Black Cotton Apparel; how did you come up with this name for your brand?

The name ‘Black Cotton’ came out of a brainstorming session. It was one of the many names thrown on the table. The mulitple meanings that could be derived from the name was very appealing and worked well with African American history.

How do you think your brand Black Cotton Apparel will help change the outlook of people towards one another?

It’s human nature for people to find ways to separate themselves but Black Cotton Apparel aims to showcase our similarities through our designs. The African diaspora is so wide and deep but every one of us must remember that we came from the same place.

What makes Black Cotton Apparel stand out from all other brands?

I think our strongest asset is our creative designs and the intention behind the art. There are many lines out now that lack creativity and an authentic purpose. What we try to do is inspire, entertain and enlighten!

What inspired you to develop the idea of the designs for your tees ?

The inspiration comes from everything around us- the past, present and future. Ultimately, our inspiration comes from God and his compassion and love for all people.

What inspired you to develop the idea of the “Trifector” tee?

The ‘Trifector’ tee is a combination of African , Caribbean, and African American motifs. This particular design draws on slave labor and the transatlantic slave trade, better known as the triangle trade.

What has been the biggest accomplishment for your brand Black Cotton Apparel?

Every new progressive conversation that is sparked as a result of our brand is a big accomplishment!

Where do you see Black Cotton Apparel 5 years from now?

Black Cotton Apparel will be in a better position to make a positive change in the mental state of millions through art and fashion. We plan to have a flagship store where you can find all the latest Black Cotton Apparel and also socialize with like-minded individuals.

If you could describe your brand Black Cotton Apparel in one word what would it be? Why?

Perseverance! It sums it all up. Without perseverance we wouldn’t be where we are now! Our history is a perfect example of what spiritual tenacity and persistence can achieve. We believe people would be better off with perseverance than with intelligence.

What else can we expect to see from Black Cotton Apparel?

You can expect us to experiment with other types of apparel and accessories. You might even see a documentary or two…we will keep you posted!

Where can Black Cotton Apparel items be purchased?

It’s currently available online at

Other contact information:

Phone : 754 300 8508

Twitter : @bcapparel


TressumĂ©: Malliha (Lovely Mali)

 Lovely Malliha (Lovely Mali)
Location: NYC
How long have you been natural? I have been natural all of my life.
What has kept you motivated to remain natural? I love my hair exactly how it is….big, curly, and fluffy!
What are two natural hair products that you just can’t live without and why? 
I cannot live without Jungle (solid conditioner from Lush) and American Cream (conditioner from Lush). Those products make my hair feel loved, happy, and free!
What is your favorite way to wear your hair? Big, out and free!
What do you love about your natural hair? I love the volume and the curls.
What do you dislike about it?  I do not dislike anything…. I love everything about it ^_^
What tips do you recommend to someone who wants to become natural, is transitioning, or needs advice about natural hair? I say that you should definitely go natural! As far as products try to go organic…it will serve your hair justice. Find out what ingredients work best for your hair. Figure out if avocado works for you or honey…. explore the natural food realm and see what
makes your hair feel happy 🙂 Embrace the inner and true you…No one else in this world has the same hair/texture as you. Be the beautiful individual that you are and be free.
Comments: Find the Lovely Mali at: (travel/model blog)
Skype: Malliha1
Instagram- Lovelymali
Photo Credits:
IMG_0022- Photographer Emiliano Baccarini
Lightbox image- Photographer Corrine Crewe
Karen_Bocea image – Photographer Lovely Mali

Independence; 50 years

Would like to take the time out to show my love for my culture.

Happy 50th independence to Jamaica!
“Out of many one people” “Land we Love”

Without this country/culture I wouldn’t be who I am today.







Love your Culture,

Tressumé: Joyce Brewer

Joyce Brewer


Atlanta, GA

Joyce Brewer is the creator and host of, an online parenting talk show for Atlanta moms. The Emmy award-winning TV journalist decided to work from home after she got married, moved to Atlanta and had a son with a year’s time. Joyce juggles her business as a video blogger, video marketing producer and social media strategist while working from home.

How long have you been natural?
My last relaxer was in May 2009, right before my wedding.

Did you transition or do the Big Chop?
I transitioned for about four months using twistouts and bantu knot styles before I did the big chop.

Why did you choose that route?
It seemed the easiest way to keep some length and not go through the shock of a big chop. My hair had always been at least chin-length.

What inspired you to have natural hair?
I wanted to know what my natural hair texture was and to cut the cost of salon appointments by doing my down hair. When I was a news anchor the TV station had an advertising agreement with my salon so I didn’t pay for hair care. But once I left that job and that luxury I wanted to do my own hair.

What has kept you motivated to remain natural?
Surrounding myself with other friends who are natural, reading natural hair care blogs and being involved in natural hair groups. My husband and son also have huge afros so we’re a natural family.

What are two(2) natural hair products that you just can’t live without? Why?
Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine adds sheen to my twist outs. I also use it on my skin. I use it sparingly because it’s not cheap! When I need to freshen up my afro and I don’t have time to co-wash, I use Infusium 23 leave-in conditioner.

What is your favorite way to wear your hair?
I wear twist outs most of the time. They’re easy to do, work well whether I’m at a play date or business meeting. This summer, I’d like to get locs professionally done.

What do you love about your natural hair?
I don’t have to worry about chemicals in my body or near my son. I think it also shows him that natural hair and natural women are beautiful.

What do you dislike about it?
I’m still trying to master overnight care for my natural hair. Sometimes I’m too tired to retwist it.I’ve also come to terms with that fact that my natural hair doesn’t curl like a lot of other hair types. I’m a 4a-c so it’s kinky, not curly.

What tip(s) would you recommend to someone who wants to become natural, is transitioning, or needs advice about natural hair?
Surround yourself with a group of other sisters with natural hair. Follow blogs like Aphrodite Kinks and attend natural hair meetups. Resist the urge to become a product junkie or blow a lot of money on hair care products. Use products that have been shown to work for your hair type! What works as a great conditioner for someone with wavy hair would not work on my kinky hair. Youtube has a ton of tutorials and reviews on products and styles that have helped me a lot!

Kings &Queens….We Rule Together

As Goddess’ or Queens we are important in this world along with our Kings. I recently came across the young King Curran J. of Kings Rule Together (K.R.T) who posses a rather exquisite style and mindset. In 2010, his brand Kings Rule Together was created “to showcase his various interests and bridge the gap between the everyday man and fashion aficionado”, as well as spreading the positivity and peace amongst people today.

In 2011, Curran J launched the Kings Rule Together clothing line, encouraging Kings and Queens alike to embrace their inner excellence and prestige. Since its launch, K.R.T. has sold over 1500 pieces throughout the world, including in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


I was very inspired by the message that the young King Curran was spreading and had to speak with him. I got the chance to interview him to share with you a deeper look into his brand K.R.T.

What inspired you to create your brand Kings Rule Together?
The people that supported me inspired me to do so. I was always doing something, whether it be planning or creating events, setting trends, or just implementing positivity in my life or the lives of others. It first started with my blog and then after that came the clothing brand.

Kings Rule Together; how did you come up with this name for your brand?
When I was younger, my friend used to refer to me as “King.” It was basically a supplement for using the n-word, which black people have used as a term of endearment. The reality is that the n-word’s history comes from a dark and painful place in black culture and history. In history, leaders have always had followers, but leaders also surrounded themselves around other leaders. The same thing went for Kings in history, they worked together to solve common issues and even at times to create mergers. It helped them grow as a King.

How do you think your brand Kings Rule Together will help change the outlook of people towards one another?
Instead of people pitting themselves against each other, I believe that people will actually come together to get things done. It’s always great to be independent and self-sufficient, but the issue is that everyone has become so competitive and not even in the best way. It causes for people to want to step on others just so that they can reach their goals. Kings Rule Together is not about that and that is what I believe attracts people to the brand. I’m Curran, but Curran can build up another fellow King or Queen so that everyone wins at the end of the day.

What makes Kings Rule Together stand out from all other brands?
The message is what makes KRT stand out brightly from others. In today’s society people are so focused on trends, but in the fashion world what’s here today can quickly be gone tomorrow. My focus of course was to create something that people would want to wear, but also I wanted to make something that people would be proud of wearing. People need to hear phrases such as “Kings Rule Together”, Kings INSPIRE kings” and “Queens INSPIRE Kings”, because it makes them feel good. It promotes self worth.

What inspired you to develop the idea of the “Kings Inspire Kings” tee ?
The same premise stemmed from the ideology behind Kings Rule Together as a brand. A male having a positive male figure in his life could make all of the difference in the world. It’s all about unity, appreciation and recognizing your peers as well as those who came before you.

What inspired you to develop the idea of the “Queens Inspire Kings” tee?
Behind every great King stands a wonderful Queen. Great Queens have helped shape and mold me into the man that I am today. It’s an amazing and important thing that Kings Rule Together makes note of this.

What has been your biggest accomplishment as Curran J. the entrepreneur?
In December, I took part in a video with Pharrell Williams for a movement and campaign called i am OTHER. It was a great experience. I also took part in Philly Fashion Week a couple of years ago. I’ve met amazing people along the way, and it surprises me sometimes how many people have heard of my brand. There’s a lot of love that goes behind that, which encourages me to keep on going.

What has been the biggest accomplishment for your brand Kings Rule Together?
The actor, Jaden Smith, and the actor and BET 106 & Park host, Terrence J, have both been wearing the brand. Most of all my brand is growing everyday. People of all ages, races, sexes, and sizes are supporting the brand. It makes me feel proud that people are really interested in Kings Rule Together.

Where do you see Kings Rule Together 5 years from now?
I expect to see Kings Rule Together become a household name. I want to see a non-profit also come out of it as well as definitely expanding from just doing clothing. My vision for Kings Rule Together is to go extremely far and mark an imprint in society. It’s about longevity and not the short-term.

If you could describe your brand Kings Rule Together in one word what would it be? Why?
INSPIRE. Sometimes people need something to create a spark for them- they need inspiration. The word “INSPIRE” is a significant part of Kings Rule Together given the fact that the message is boldly printed on many of the apparel. By people choosing to wear this brand they are inspiring those who see the message on the shirt. I’ve heard my customers say that people love the shirt that they are wearing and they often ask questions about the meaning. When they hear about the meaning, they become INSPIRED.

What else can we expect to see from Curran J.? Kings Rule Together?
In the future, I definitely plan on going on more philanthropic ventures. As I explained before about Kings Rule Together being a household name in the future, I also want the same thing for myself. It’s not particularly about the fame and the money, but it’s more about the positive values that I want to instill in people and the generations to come.

As for Kings Rule Together, expect to see two summer series lines. I will be having a basketball game coming up as well sponsored by myself. Kings Rule Together will continue to grow and expand- it will evolve. In the future there will definitely be a clothing line for children and even more.

Where can Kings Rule Together items be purchased?
Anyone can purchase KRT merchandise from my website or from any of the events that I appear.

Natural Love!!

Oh the beauty of LOVE!
But the Beauty of NATURAL HAIR LOVE!!!!!!

Found this on Instagram and I fell in love!


Until next time….