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Jane lipgloss

I received the Jane lip gloss in one of my past Ipsy Glam bags and decided to put it to the test. I have found that I like lipsticks but I love glosses a lot more, and I fell in love with the color red against my warm brown skin. There’s something about the two that just does it every time for me. So, I figured why not test out Jane lip gloss, on a night out in the city. I took the plunge and puckered up and I must say the color looked rather sexy on me. Check out how the gloss looked below.



You can see I was feeling like thee ish with this gloss. I even got the stunna shades out and started doing an impromptu modeling shoot. Check me out!!

Have you tried Jane lip gloss?

How was your experience with Jane lip gloss?

Love your Kinks,

Endless Summer: August Glam Blag

What’s Inside:

Eclos; Plant-Based Beauty 

Cellular Activator Face Serum & Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream

S.A.L.T.Y Cosmetic

Glama-ZOID! Eye Shadow

Demeter Fragrance Library

Roll on Perfume; Clean Skin

Circus by Andrea’s Choice



Glam Gloss

Love You,


Buxoum Lip Polish Review

I recently introduced you all to glambag here on Aphrodite Kinks, and I you all may remember how I fell in love with one particular item. The item I fell in love with was the Bare Essentials Buxoum lip polish.



This lip polish was pretty sweet. I immediately fell in love with the color which is a pale pink almost beige. Upon applying I began to feel a menthol tingle on my lips which I loved. It made me feel as if the polish was actually healing and repairing my lips.



I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves a menthol lip gloss/polish with a dash of pink color.

Love your Beauty,