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Vacation Hair: Kinks Curls & Coils

When traveling with natural hair you may come to many road blocks.

1) The change in climate

2) Product availability

3) You are only allotted one free suitcase after that its 50$ (depending on the airline)

4) No liquids in your hand luggage.

So you first think okay there is a possibility of a climate change alright let me pack my climate control products because I might not be able to find the products I need. Then you remember, if I do that I’ll be paying for another suitcase being that I am the ultimate product junkie. Alright, I’ll pack it in my hand luggage. Well, your out of luck thanks to recent airport incidents.

As I packed for my vacation all of these road blocks appeared. Thanks to the launch party, I was able to break down those blocks and travel happily. I got a slew of sample products and they all made my hair feel and look awesome.

The products I used were:

Design Essentials: Natural Curl Cleanser(Sulfate Free Shampoo)

Curls:Coconut Curlada Conditioner

Karen’s Body Beautiful: Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In conditioner(Pomegranate Guava)

Overall, the experience I had with these products were amazing. My hair was left feeling soft and my curls and coils looking lovely. The cleanser was very sudsy which gave my hair that clean feeling, and made my curls peek out. Once the conditioner was applied I detangled, left it in for about 3-5 minutes and rinsed out. This was sure to make my curl POP. It also had a nice Caramel Coconut smell to it. I loved it!! I almost don’t want to try any other products. The leave-in was then applied and my hair felt extremely soft and manageable.


The only downfall was that the Leave-In had a chemically smell when I rubbed it in my hand to apply to my hair. I think it might have been the Pomegranate Guava “flavor”. I also anticipated purchasing some authentic Jamaican black castor oil but the availability was scarce. Therefore, I was left with no oils to add to my hair.

If you have not tried any of the above products, they are highly recommended. Find out if your hair will love it too.

Until next time….


First Wash & Go

I finally did my first wash and go. I was loving it. If you read my post prior about the launch party then you know about the goodies. Thanks to that event, I added more great products to my stash. I admit, I finally feel like a product junkie in the beginning stages. YIKES!!!

Sharing what I won with a fellow naturalists Imani, she commented about how good she had heard JessiCurls works well for my hair texture. I took that information into consideration and my first product test was with JessiCurls.

I washed my hair with the hair cleansing cream, conditioned with the Too Shea extra moisturizing conditioner, and deep conditioned with the deep conditioning treatment. Following that application I sat under the dryer for about 30 mins and rinsed out. My curls were looking and feeling fresh and soft.


I applied the JessiCurl styling product confident coils styling solution as well as the Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In. Following the application of these products, I tried my best to section my Tinnie Weenie Afro. Applying about a quarter sized amount of Eco styler gel to each of those sections and brushing through to ensure it was evenly distributed. Once all of my hair was define I sat under my dryer for a quick 20 minutes. I was then left with some amazingly defined curls.

Not bad at all, though I did have some adjustments for the next wash and go. I found that I applied a lot or no gel to some parts. Leaving me with a mismatch of really hard curls or undefined curls. Seeing this to prep my hair the next day I applied some more KBB Sweet Ambrosia leaving to my hands and brushed over my hair. This helped loosen some of the hard curls and blending the soft ones.

Until next time….


KinkyCurlyCoilyMe Launch Party

Lucky for me I had the opportunity to attend a website launch party for the amazing Jenell over at The event took place at a wonderful lounge in Manhattan, called Stitch.

The experience was definitely a good one; wonderful food,drinks, and music. I got the chance to meet up with some natural hair ladies and gents. Some new and old faces to catch up with about their natural hair.

I would have to say the best part of the event were the raffle prizes. Lots of hair products for your product junkie needs. Let’s not forget the grand prize of the night, that Huetiful hair steamer with the beautiful face of Ms. CharyJay.

I was lucky enough to win two gift bags full of amazing products in addition to my entrance “swag bag”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win that darn hair steamer.

Congrats to the winner!!!! & Thanks!

Until next time….