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Brooklyn Fros

I decided I would make the effort every month to be in attendance at the Target First Saturdays at Brooklyn Museum. Well last weekend I made it for my second month in a row. I was pretty happy about this one in particular because the one last month was a bit blah(DAMN YOU SANDY!!!). It was definitely an eventful night with the various talks, beautiful people,music(by the Afro Band) , wines, and of course ART. Who couldn’t ask for more.




These pieces!!!! My heart jumps every time I see amazing pieces, and the artist in me just screams to capture every moment of greatness. I would have to say thought that I have fallen in deeeeep love with one of the most recent exhibits by Mickalene Thomas. When I tell you her art is just so Frolicious and empowering.





Don’t you just love it!!!!

& this quote next to a photograph from the artists’ inspiration; “Mama Bush”


Oh and when I say I felt like the ultimate Queen!! I was feeling myself; can’t you see the shadow of my crown in the above quote. YASSSSSS! Lol Check out my fro and me rocking my KingRulesTogether tee….”Queens INSPIRE Kings”




So your interested in purchasing a “Queens INSPIRE Kings” tee?? Head over to

Have you been rocking your fro?

Do you wash n’ go during the winter?

Love your Kinks,


Kings &Queens….We Rule Together

As Goddess’ or Queens we are important in this world along with our Kings. I recently came across the young King Curran J. of Kings Rule Together (K.R.T) who posses a rather exquisite style and mindset. In 2010, his brand Kings Rule Together was created “to showcase his various interests and bridge the gap between the everyday man and fashion aficionado”, as well as spreading the positivity and peace amongst people today.

In 2011, Curran J launched the Kings Rule Together clothing line, encouraging Kings and Queens alike to embrace their inner excellence and prestige. Since its launch, K.R.T. has sold over 1500 pieces throughout the world, including in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


I was very inspired by the message that the young King Curran was spreading and had to speak with him. I got the chance to interview him to share with you a deeper look into his brand K.R.T.

What inspired you to create your brand Kings Rule Together?
The people that supported me inspired me to do so. I was always doing something, whether it be planning or creating events, setting trends, or just implementing positivity in my life or the lives of others. It first started with my blog and then after that came the clothing brand.

Kings Rule Together; how did you come up with this name for your brand?
When I was younger, my friend used to refer to me as “King.” It was basically a supplement for using the n-word, which black people have used as a term of endearment. The reality is that the n-word’s history comes from a dark and painful place in black culture and history. In history, leaders have always had followers, but leaders also surrounded themselves around other leaders. The same thing went for Kings in history, they worked together to solve common issues and even at times to create mergers. It helped them grow as a King.

How do you think your brand Kings Rule Together will help change the outlook of people towards one another?
Instead of people pitting themselves against each other, I believe that people will actually come together to get things done. It’s always great to be independent and self-sufficient, but the issue is that everyone has become so competitive and not even in the best way. It causes for people to want to step on others just so that they can reach their goals. Kings Rule Together is not about that and that is what I believe attracts people to the brand. I’m Curran, but Curran can build up another fellow King or Queen so that everyone wins at the end of the day.

What makes Kings Rule Together stand out from all other brands?
The message is what makes KRT stand out brightly from others. In today’s society people are so focused on trends, but in the fashion world what’s here today can quickly be gone tomorrow. My focus of course was to create something that people would want to wear, but also I wanted to make something that people would be proud of wearing. People need to hear phrases such as “Kings Rule Together”, Kings INSPIRE kings” and “Queens INSPIRE Kings”, because it makes them feel good. It promotes self worth.

What inspired you to develop the idea of the “Kings Inspire Kings” tee ?
The same premise stemmed from the ideology behind Kings Rule Together as a brand. A male having a positive male figure in his life could make all of the difference in the world. It’s all about unity, appreciation and recognizing your peers as well as those who came before you.

What inspired you to develop the idea of the “Queens Inspire Kings” tee?
Behind every great King stands a wonderful Queen. Great Queens have helped shape and mold me into the man that I am today. It’s an amazing and important thing that Kings Rule Together makes note of this.

What has been your biggest accomplishment as Curran J. the entrepreneur?
In December, I took part in a video with Pharrell Williams for a movement and campaign called i am OTHER. It was a great experience. I also took part in Philly Fashion Week a couple of years ago. I’ve met amazing people along the way, and it surprises me sometimes how many people have heard of my brand. There’s a lot of love that goes behind that, which encourages me to keep on going.

What has been the biggest accomplishment for your brand Kings Rule Together?
The actor, Jaden Smith, and the actor and BET 106 & Park host, Terrence J, have both been wearing the brand. Most of all my brand is growing everyday. People of all ages, races, sexes, and sizes are supporting the brand. It makes me feel proud that people are really interested in Kings Rule Together.

Where do you see Kings Rule Together 5 years from now?
I expect to see Kings Rule Together become a household name. I want to see a non-profit also come out of it as well as definitely expanding from just doing clothing. My vision for Kings Rule Together is to go extremely far and mark an imprint in society. It’s about longevity and not the short-term.

If you could describe your brand Kings Rule Together in one word what would it be? Why?
INSPIRE. Sometimes people need something to create a spark for them- they need inspiration. The word “INSPIRE” is a significant part of Kings Rule Together given the fact that the message is boldly printed on many of the apparel. By people choosing to wear this brand they are inspiring those who see the message on the shirt. I’ve heard my customers say that people love the shirt that they are wearing and they often ask questions about the meaning. When they hear about the meaning, they become INSPIRED.

What else can we expect to see from Curran J.? Kings Rule Together?
In the future, I definitely plan on going on more philanthropic ventures. As I explained before about Kings Rule Together being a household name in the future, I also want the same thing for myself. It’s not particularly about the fame and the money, but it’s more about the positive values that I want to instill in people and the generations to come.

As for Kings Rule Together, expect to see two summer series lines. I will be having a basketball game coming up as well sponsored by myself. Kings Rule Together will continue to grow and expand- it will evolve. In the future there will definitely be a clothing line for children and even more.

Where can Kings Rule Together items be purchased?
Anyone can purchase KRT merchandise from my website or from any of the events that I appear.