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It’s Back again

In case you missed it last time in Brooklyn then guess what!

You’ve got another chance to check out the awesome documentary on natural hair; “In our heads about our hair”

Today stop by 34th St. AMC/Loews Theater on 8th Avenue this Friday, September 21st, at 5:30 pm.

You can purchase tickets here:

Also here’s the trailer (in case you are curious):“In our head about our hair” trailer

Love your Kinks,

Bob Marley Documentary

While on vacation in Jamaica I was constantly hearing about a Bob Marley documentary. Well guess what its finally here and you can see it in theaters or in the comfort of your own home. How awesome is that.

The Bob Marley documentary “Marley” will stream on Facebook simultaneously during its theatrical opening, a signal that social media may also play a role in shifting movie release windows.

Such day-and-date releases have become increasingly common in recent years for smaller independent films. But this will be the first such U.S. film to stream concurrently on the social media behemoth while opening in theaters.

The film, directed by Kevin Macdonald, will be available for a $6.99 rental beginning April 20th, which is the day it opens in theaters. A portion of the proceeds from Facebook sales will benefit Save the Children, the charity for needy children.

“Marley” is also being released via video-on-demand on April 20th.

Facebook began hosting movie rentals in March 2011. Digital delivery of new releases and older films has been a highly competitive frontier, particularly among Google Inc.’s YouTube, Apple Inc.’s iTunes and subscription service Netflix.


Want to watch Marley at home?

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What a great present for the 4/20 crowd. Bob would be so proud!20120420-130939.jpg


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In Our Heads About Our Hair


If you are in the New York area, feel free to stop in and possibly have a chance to meet other naturals.

Go to and purchase tickets.

Until next time….