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Brooklyn Fros

I decided I would make the effort every month to be in attendance at the Target First Saturdays at Brooklyn Museum. Well last weekend I made it for my second month in a row. I was pretty happy about this one in particular because the one last month was a bit blah(DAMN YOU SANDY!!!). It was definitely an eventful night with the various talks, beautiful people,music(by the Afro Band) , wines, and of course ART. Who couldn’t ask for more.




These pieces!!!! My heart jumps every time I see amazing pieces, and the artist in me just screams to capture every moment of greatness. I would have to say thought that I have fallen in deeeeep love with one of the most recent exhibits by Mickalene Thomas. When I tell you her art is just so Frolicious and empowering.





Don’t you just love it!!!!

& this quote next to a photograph from the artists’ inspiration; “Mama Bush”


Oh and when I say I felt like the ultimate Queen!! I was feeling myself; can’t you see the shadow of my crown in the above quote. YASSSSSS! Lol Check out my fro and me rocking my KingRulesTogether tee….”Queens INSPIRE Kings”




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Have you been rocking your fro?

Do you wash n’ go during the winter?

Love your Kinks,


My first, 1st Saturday

Every first Saturday of the month, Brooklyn Museum and Target host the Target First Saturday. The entry to the museum is free and numerous events are held throughout the museum.

Last night I had the opportunity to attend, for the party they host at the end of the night.


There were so many people there, for such an amazing event. Oh yes, and the natural hair ladies were in the building, it was so much motivation.

If your ever in the New York are for a first Saturday make sure to attend this beautiful event.

Here is the link if you are interested: