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Tressumé: Philece R. (thatArtista)

Philece. R/thatArtista

Location: Island girl living in Atlanta

Philece is extremely talented; a Fine Artist & Designer, creating, growing, constantly evolving. Be sure to check out her journey.

How long have you been natural?
My last relaxer was in January 2003

Did you transition or do the Big Chop?
My relaxer days ended during a time when natural hair terms weren’t as common as they are now. So I guess I transitioned without even realizing. However I also cut my hair frequently and significantly over the years out of boredom and the need for a new style.

Why did you choose that route?
I can’t say that I chose that route, it just kind of happened.

If transition,
How long did you transition?
I have always worn my curls even with a relaxer, between that and multiple haircuts, it’s hard to say when I reached the point of no longer having relaxed ends.

What inspired you to have natural hair?
There was no specific inspirational factor in my decision. My only reason for getting a relaxer was to have bone straight hair when the mood hit. Once I learned how to do that safely and without chemicals there was no longer a need. Though in recent years I have straighten my hair less than ever before.

What has kept you motivated to remain natural?
I have lived with this hair all of my life. It’s all me, no motivation needed!

What are two(2) natural hair products that you just can’t live without? Why?
Shea Moisture products and coconut oil. The Shea Moisture line is amazing for softness and moisture and the fragrances are heavenly.

What is your favorite way to wear your hair?
Last year I started doing braid outs and twist outs. But I have spent a lifetime being a wash and go girl, so it’s safe to say my favorite way, whether it’s piled on top of my head or letting my curls just flow.

What do you love about your natural hair?
I love the versatility, especially since I get bored very easily so its great to have so many options. I don’t worry or run when it starts raining. Growing up in the Bahamas and living in Atlanta, with the heat and humidity, I’m not worried about what it looks like and being a swimmer, I can jump in the ocean or the pool without a second thought!

What do you dislike about it?
The shrinkage. It’s insane, I lose about half of my length because of it.

What tip(s) would you recommend to someone who wants to become natural, is transitioning, or needs advice about natural hair?
I get a lot of questions about my curls and length. My answer always starts with, learn what works for YOUR hair. For those concerned about length retention, be patient and attentive. Your hair will always show you what it needs and what doesn’t work. Most importantly never forget that it is not just about what you put on your hair but what you put into your body that is so important in achieving healthy hair and a healthier you.

Thanks for the feature, it was my pleasure to share my story.
Love & Light

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Quality Black Cotton

First, I’d like to wish all of you a Happy Labor Day. I know you all are probably out and celebrating but I just had to drop in with something for you guys!!

Came across this brand Black Cotton Apparel,

<<< Isn’t this design super cute!!(Photo Courtesy of

Being that I am of Caribbean decent(Big Ups to Jamaica, mi love yuh! I love you other island too! :-)) I could not let the amazing designs and philosophy pass me by (Yes,I am a sucker for good art and culture!).

You know I love you all, so I got the chance to dig deep into the brand and what it stood for in an interview. Check it Out….

What inspired you to create your brand Black Cotton Apparel?

When we started Black Cotton there were just a handful of apparel lines out there and most of them lacked substance and quality. We felt that we needed to create something that represents the caribbean correctly.

Black Cotton Apparel; how did you come up with this name for your brand?

The name ‘Black Cotton’ came out of a brainstorming session. It was one of the many names thrown on the table. The mulitple meanings that could be derived from the name was very appealing and worked well with African American history.

How do you think your brand Black Cotton Apparel will help change the outlook of people towards one another?

It’s human nature for people to find ways to separate themselves but Black Cotton Apparel aims to showcase our similarities through our designs. The African diaspora is so wide and deep but every one of us must remember that we came from the same place.

What makes Black Cotton Apparel stand out from all other brands?

I think our strongest asset is our creative designs and the intention behind the art. There are many lines out now that lack creativity and an authentic purpose. What we try to do is inspire, entertain and enlighten!

What inspired you to develop the idea of the designs for your tees ?

The inspiration comes from everything around us- the past, present and future. Ultimately, our inspiration comes from God and his compassion and love for all people.

What inspired you to develop the idea of the “Trifector” tee?

The ‘Trifector’ tee is a combination of African , Caribbean, and African American motifs. This particular design draws on slave labor and the transatlantic slave trade, better known as the triangle trade.

What has been the biggest accomplishment for your brand Black Cotton Apparel?

Every new progressive conversation that is sparked as a result of our brand is a big accomplishment!

Where do you see Black Cotton Apparel 5 years from now?

Black Cotton Apparel will be in a better position to make a positive change in the mental state of millions through art and fashion. We plan to have a flagship store where you can find all the latest Black Cotton Apparel and also socialize with like-minded individuals.

If you could describe your brand Black Cotton Apparel in one word what would it be? Why?

Perseverance! It sums it all up. Without perseverance we wouldn’t be where we are now! Our history is a perfect example of what spiritual tenacity and persistence can achieve. We believe people would be better off with perseverance than with intelligence.

What else can we expect to see from Black Cotton Apparel?

You can expect us to experiment with other types of apparel and accessories. You might even see a documentary or two…we will keep you posted!

Where can Black Cotton Apparel items be purchased?

It’s currently available online at

Other contact information:

Phone : 754 300 8508

Twitter : @bcapparel