Name: KeetaRay

Location: MD

How long have you been natural?
I’ve been natural now for 3 years

Did you transition or do the Big Chop?
I transitioned.

How long did you transition?
For 8 months.

Why did you choose that route?
I had never had short hair my whole life, so cutting it ALL off scared me. I transitioned for 8 months and wanted to go longer, but by that point I was so tired of the 2 different hair textures that I just wanted to cut it and learn about my natural hair.

What inspired you to have natural hair? A lot of things influenced my decision to go natural. The MAIN reason was because I was tired of getting relaxers and not having many options. I also wanted to be proud of my hair just the way it was and not feel like it had to be straight for me to look good or feel accepted. I used to think that only people with certain textures (looser curls) could go natural, but the more and more I’d see pictures of beautiful women with all kinds of textures wearing their natural hair, the more it encouraged me to just do it.

What has kept you motivated to remain natural?
Hmm… I didn’t need much motivation. I loved my hair from the moment the relaxer was cut off. I think I just loved the feeling of being free and finally feeling like myself was my motivation.

What are two(2) natural hair products that you just can’t live without? Why? Coconut Oil and Kinky Curly Knot Today. No matter what other products I try, those two are my staples and I can’t stop using them. Coconut Oil is light and gives my hair this phenomenal shine. And it smells good. Kinky Curly Knot Today provides excellent moisture and is the best leave-in I have used to-date.

What is your favorite way to wear your hair?
Twist outs are my staple. It keeps my hair from tangling and gives it body and volume.

What do you love about your natural hair? I love that it is unique to me. No one’s hair is just like mine, that is what I love the most.

What do you dislike about it?
I wish it were a little thicker. But we always want what we don’t have, right? 😉

What tip(s) would you recommend to someone who wants to become natural, is transitioning, or needs advice about natural hair?

Most of all, to be patient! I see so many women wanting hair to their knees in a week! Lol Focus on the health of your hair and the growth will come, believe me. Learn to love your hair texture and not want anyone else’s. And do your own research so you know all you can about your hair.

I appreciate the feature! I can be found online at the following: Blog –, Tumblr:, Twitter: @1KeetaRay (additional contact info can be found on my blog in the “Contact Info” tab).

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