Name: Deniece P.


Location: DC

How long have you been natural?
I “went natural” around 98. My hair
had broken off so bad from relaxers, harmful products, and heat that I
just kept my hair in braided styles. After my sophomore year in
college, unable to afford to get my hair done, comfortable with the
health and the length of my hair, I decided to get a relaxer and cut.
This was about 2004. My hair looked FANTASTIC for about 9 months. Then
it started falling out and breaking again. I haven’t relaxed it

Did you always have dreads or did you transition?
I transitioned to natural hair and then to locs. I have “sisterlocks”
so they were “installed.”

Why did you choose that route?
I never felt a desire or need to cut all my hair off. I just kept it
protected as much as I could

What inspired you to have locs?
I always admired other people with locs. I vowed (when I was MUCH
younger) that when I was older I was gonna marry a man with locs, lol.
Then I thought to myself, “well if you like ‘em so much, why don’t
you get them yourself?” About 10 years later, I did!

What has kept you motivated to remain with your locs?
I LOVE my hair. It not only looks awesome but it represents the best
part of my personality (IMO). I was discouraged by everyone I knew
not to “do that to your hair.” They came up with every reason you
could think of. They convinced me of it for awhile but this is
something I KNEW I wanted. So, finally, I did it. Those same people
are the ones that are amazed and compliment me every time they see me

What are two(2) natural hair products that you just can’t live without? Why?

Taliah Waajid Medicated protective mist bodifier – keeps the
dandruff/dry scalp at bay
Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Mist – oil and alcohol free shine!

What is your favorite way to wear your hair?
I don’t have one!!! That’s what I love. I can do so much to it
contrary to most people’s beliefs. I’m still learning different
styles! I would say my “goto style” would be a slightly modified
version of the first style in this video by bronzegoddess1

What do you love about your natural hair?
It took courage. It allows me to be me. It’s a testament that I don’t
have to do things just because I’ve been taught that the way everyone
else has been doing it is the right way.

What do you dislike about it?
I have sooooooooooooo much hair. My follicle per square inch HAS to be
like 1,000! When I wash it, its super heavy so I have to lift my hair
with my hands first and then lift my head.

strong>;What tip(s) would you recommend to someone who wants to become
natural, is transitioning, or needs advice about natural hair?
Thinking about becoming natural? Do it. Don’t let fear of the unknown
hold you back. There are so many resources out here. There is no
reason to be fearful anymore. Get to know YOU.
Transitioning? YouTube is your friend!!
Need advice? Don’t call me! LOL!!! I can only know what worked for
ME. One thing that I learned is that every product/style isn’t for
every hair type. Experiment! Experiment! Experiment! (just don’t do
anything foolish with harsh chemicals)

Whatever you decide to do, do it with confidence!

Until next time….